Holland and Barrett Buddies – what I received

A few weeks ago I showed you what I sent to Annie Bean as part of a Holland and Barrett campaign to pair us up with a buddy and share our favourite Holland and Barrett products.  A few excited tweets from both of us on receiving our packages seemed to show that Annie loved everything she received just as much as I was over the moon with my package of goodies! From a chocolate egg, to Argan Oil (which is a favourite of mine), to breakfast cereal to even some vitamins for Bodhi to keep his coat looking shiny – Annie certainly nailed several of my favourites as well as sending lots of new things for me to try.

Holland and Barrett

Here were a few highlights for me:

Bounce Energy Balls

I hadn’t tried these previously but now I’m a little bit addicted! I loved the Spirulina and Ginseng ball, it was so tasty and chewy and gave me enough energy to go for a run on a Saturday morning without having to eat something heavy.  It’s packed with superfoods and vitamins and is the perfect snack for a quick energy boost.

Slim Noodles

The Slim Noodles were another item that I’d been keen to try for a while.  Made from Konjac flour and oat fibre they are gluten free, carb free, wheat free and have less than 15 calories per packet.  They are naturally quite tasteless so you have to use a flavouring to make them more palatable, but they’re useful for padding out a stir fry or in a miso soup.  They were really useful when I was doing the 5:2 diet as they’re so low calorie, so if you’re calorie counting they would definitely be a useful addition to your shopping basket.

Meridian Peanut Butter

You all know by now I think that I’m a complete peanut butter addict, and the Meridian PBs are great as they’re made 100% from peanuts with no added salt or sugar.  I add this to smoothies, use it in baking and dollop it onto desserts!

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 is a vitamin I take regularly anyway so I was chuffed to spot this in my package.  Vitamin B12 helps with energy levels, looking after your skin and hair, helps regulate the nervous system and helps maintain a healthy digestive system.

Tisserand Focus Roller Ball

This neat, handbag size mini roller ball is called ‘Focus’ as it helps you think more clearly via its added aromatherapy oils.  It has rosemary oil, grapefruit oil and coriander oil and you can roll it onto pulse points to help feel refreshed, stimulated and energised.

Nakd Bars

Another product I’m always banging on about – Annie sent me a selection of Nakd bars including my favourite, Cashew Cookie.  These are the perfect healthy snack and taste heavenly – I’ve always got one of these stashed in my handbag for those sweet cravings!

What are your favourite Holland and Barrett products? I’m a huge Holland and Barrett fun and am always ordering online or nipping instore to pick up bits – so do tell me your tips for anything I should be grabbing next time I’m in there! And if you’re interested, here’s my favourite H&B products that I sent Annie.

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