Fishfinger Party (and the perfect Sunday tea)

We once had a debate at work about the finest Sunday tea.  The tradition of having a Sunday roast or a bigger lunch on a Sunday and then having a lighter meal in the evening is certainly one we embraced through my childhood – with Sunday tea typically involving things like crumpets, teacakes, toast or sandwiches from roast leftovers.  But there’s one Sunday tea that came up trumps for all of us, and that is the humble fishfinger sandwich.

A chunky doorstop loaf or ciabatta, a heap of Birds Eye fish fingers and a good dollop of tomato sauce or mayonnaise and you’ve got yourself a dinner fit for a king (or queen).  So when Birds Eye got in contact to see if I wanted to throw a fishfinger sandwich party it was a bit of a no-brainer.  I was pretty excited when a box of treats arrived to accompany my perfect Sunday tea – the only thing better than a fishfinger sandwich is a fishfinger sandwich served with a mojito (I have now discovered!)

Fishfinger pack
Fishfinger pack

I started hungrily leafing through the fishfinger sandwich book (there are so many combinations that I never would have dreamed of but now want to try!) but Tom as usual decided to go rogue and make his own fishfinger tower.  He made potato rostis and sandwiched them between Warburton thins and then layered it with avocado and mayo – I’m not going to lie they were pretty blimmin’ tasty!

Fishfinger tower
Fishfinger tower

Prepared indoors but served outside with mojitos of course – well, it would have been rude not to try out the cocktail mixes right?


I really am a fishfinger addict so I’m sure lots more combos will end up popping up on the blog, there is a fishfinger pizza toastie in the recipe book that sounds like the sort of thing dreams are made of – you can’t beat a good ol’ carb-fest every now and then (and if you agree, there’s even a fishfinger chip butty – sounds like the perfect hangover cure to me!) Check out Birds Eye’s own ultimate fishfinger creation here.

Are you a fishfinger sandwich lover?

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