Holland and Barrett Buddies

It is one thing when one of your favourite stops for yummy food, organic beauty bits and vitamins and supplements gets in contact to offer you the opportunity to receive some goodies, but it is quite another when you get paired up with someone and you get to send them all of your favourite products too! That’s the thinking behind the #hollandandbarrettbuddies campaign – we were paired up with a buddy (in my case the lovely Annie Bean) and given £100 to spend as we pleased on the website, with the order sent on to our buddies.  And of course, Annie did the same for me, meaning I received my own box full of H&B treats!

As I’m such a regular customer of Holland and Barrett, I wanted to make sure that Annie received all of my favourite products, as well as some others that I’ve been itching to try and I thought she would enjoy. Here’s a peek into what she received from me – I hope she loves it all!

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I’m not going to go into everything I bought, but here are just a few of my favourites that Annie will be receiving…

Nakd Bars

Nakd bars are probably one of my most commonly munched on foods.  Made from all natural ingredients (just fruit and nuts smushed together) and wheat, dairy and gluten free, they’re the perfect guilt free snack and the ones with cocoa help stave off chocolate cravings when I’m trying to ‘eat clean’.

Cashew Butter

Anyone who follows my Twitter will know I’m a cashew butter fiend.  My favourite way to enjoy it is to bung a Cocoa Orange Nakd Bar in the microwave until it’s warm and then spread cashew butter on top! Cashew Butter is so creamy and tasty and the Meridian one is 100% cashew nuts with no added ingredients.

Coconut Oil

The Lucy Bee Coconut Oil is another cupboard stable of mine.  I bung it in smoothies, use it for frying and baking, I even put it on my hair as a hair mask before washing it.  It’s a bit of a wonder product I think!


I was recommended this when I started growing my hair as it’s good for your hair and skin, apparently it also contributes to a healthy metabolism – so two aims of mine ticked off in one little tablet.  I take this daily, along with…

Vitamin B

This is another one that I was recommended to help with hair growth.  It also supports metabolism and reduces tiredness and fatigue.

Zero Noodles

This is a product I’m desperate to try and will be picking up next time I’m near a H&B branch – Zero Noodles have 0g fat, 0g of sugar and are low calorie (4 cal per 100g) and low carb so are great for adding to stir fries or as an alternative to pasta.

Manuka Honey Lip Balm and Rescue Cream

Manuka Honey is said to be a great ingredient for skincare products and I thought that these Dr Organic products would be a real treat for Annie.  The Rescue Cream gets great reviews and is apparently really nourishing and rich.

Rosehip Oil

I use Rosehip Oil before bed and it makes my skin feel much smoother as well as super soft in the morning.

I also ordered Annie some of my favourite herbal teas, and other supplements, beauty items and food that I thought she would like.  I think that having a healthy lifestyle and being kind to yourself should be both internal and external, so I tried to choose a mix of healthy, nutritious food, and beauty treats for a bit of pampering!

Are you a Holland and Barrett fan? What are your favourite products?  I’ll also be blogging about the package I received, I can’t wait to show you what Annie chose for me!

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