My in-flight skincare routine

Whenever I fly I always pack a few skincare essentials in my hand baggage so I can stop my skin from drying out whilst I’m on the plane. I find the cabin air really drying so even though I don’t hugely feel comfortable sitting there for ten hours without a scrap of make-up on, the first thing I do when the plane takes off is take off all my make-up and put on a moisturising mask.

in flight skincare routine

My absolute skincare essential whilst flying is the Caudalie Beauty Elixir (£10.35 for 30ml) – it’s so good for spritzing on your face whenever it needs some nourishment. I usually wear a little make-up to the airport but I take it off with make-up remover, or this time I had a Philosophy Purity Wipe (£8.50 for 90ml cleanser) which cleanses, soothes and hydrates at the same time.  After I’ve taken my make-up off I have a spritz of the the Beauty Elixir.  I always buy the smaller sizes of this so I can stash them in handbags and my gym bag, and the 30ml size is great for taking on a flight.

I find that the Origins Drink Up Intensive Mask (£24) is the perfect moisturising mask to get through a long flight – it makes my skin feel really soft and protected from the dry air in the cabin. I usually apply this once or twice throughout the flight to keep my skin feeling moisturised – the tube is an 100ml size so it’s just small enough to be taken in your hand baggage.

The other thing that tends to get quite dry during a flight is my lips, so I keep my EOS Lip Balm (£5.99) in my bag and apply it a few times throughout the flight. This time I also had a sample of the ElemisPro-Collagen Marine Cream Ultra-Rich from the last time I bought some bits from Elemis and so I stashed this in my little clear bag too – it was absolutely amazing and I’m definitely going to pick up a pot of this when I get back (even if I might not be able to eat for about a month to afford it).

liz earle super skin concentrate

The other thing I brought on the plane for my in-flight skincare routine was the Liz Earle Superskin Concentrate. The 10ml size (£21) comes in a small glass bottle with a roller so you can just roll it on your face and let the serum sink in – it’s totally non-greasy and smooths on beautifully.  The scent is really lovely too so it’s perfect for a night flight as it’s really relaxing – it has argan oil, rosehip oil, lavender and camomile which definitely helps send me off to sleep even on an uncomfortable flight!

What are your hand baggage skincare essentials?