Keeping hydrated with Nuva and Antipodes

I’m currently writing this from Mexico, where it’s incredibly hot and humid – but since it’s also been pretty hot in the UK of late I thought it would be a good time to share a few products that have been keeping me hydrated in the warm weather.  I’ve been trying two new products from Antipodes to keep my skin feeling soft and nourished during the summer.  I’ve actually never tried anything from Antipodes before but I’m now a total convert!

Antipodes Hosanna H2O Intensive Skin Plumping Serum (Naturismo, £28.99*)

One thing that I don’t really use as part of my skincare routine (but I know I should) is a serum – so I was really excited to try this.  It’s an oil free serum that promises to ‘quench thirsty skin’ and improve skin appearance.  Because it’s oil-free and water based it’s a different consistency to other serums I’ve tried and it’s very lightweight, which is perfect for the summer.  A little goes a long way (even though it feels initially like it doesn’t because of the consistency!) It makes my skin feel hydrated as soon as I apply it, and I then go on to apply my moisturiser over the top of it.  The texture is lovely and it has a really nice scent too.

Antipodes Vanilla Pod Hydrating Day Cream with Manuka Honey (Naturismo, £27.99*)

This moisturiser is the perfect product for keeping hydrated in the heat. For me, the consistency of a moisturiser is really important; I much prefer a thicker, nourishing moisturiser rather than a lightweight one. This one is almost like a thick, whipped cream that sinks right into the skin (is it me, or is there nothing more satisfying than dipping your finger in a really thick moisturiser?) It smells absolutely heavenly – the main scent is the manuka honey, which is a really light, sweet aroma. I put this on every morning before my SPF and foundation and it keeps my skin feeling moisturised and soft all day. Using this every day I can really see the difference in my skin – I usually get patches of dry skin during the summer but my skin is feeling really smooth and healthy.

Nuva Water [Nuva water, available at Sainsbury’s, Waitrose, Boots and more]

Drinking water is a totally integral part of my daily routine, and staying hydrated is really important for me, especially during the summer. I try and drink two litres of water a day, and though I definitely meet this just with my green tea intake alone (shameless green tea addict) I always have a big bottle of water on my desk at work which I refill throughout the day. Sometimes though, just drinking water alone does get a little boring, and I’ve long been looking for an alternative to water that isn’t full of sugar, sweeteners or calories. I’ve tried different cordials and squashes but the sugar content in some of these is absolutely ridiculous. So I was super excited to discover Nuva – a flavoured water with no sugar, sweeteners or calories. They are really lightly flavoured so it’s not an overwhelmingly sweet flavour like some of the other fruit flavoured waters – my favourite is ‘a kiss of melon and jasmine’ but I also took the ‘cucumber and mint’ flavour to the gym the other day and it was so hydrating – it’s definitely going to be a regular fixture in my gym bag from now on.

My other must-have in the summer is coconut oil.  I’ve brought a little pot with me to Mexico and I’m using it as an after-sun, for taking my make-up off, as a ‘shaving cream’ when shaving my legs, and to put in my hair before bed as a hair mask to stop the sun from damaging my hair.  I am going through so many jars of coconut oil at the moment because it’s such a wonder product! I usually just grab the jars of Lucy Bee Coconut Oil in the supermarket but I think I’m going to invest in a bigger pot from Amazon or Costco as it gets expensive buying new jars every time.

What are your favourite products for keeping hydrated in the summer?


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