Who I am this week

As I’ve alluded to about a hundred times, this week has been crazy busy, but has also had its fun moments., some of which I thought I’d share – apologies that lots of them were taken on my phone so aren’t the greatest quality.  In writing this I’ve realised quite how much I’ve done since last Sunday and have suddenly realised why I’m so tired! Sorry if this is a long’un – you might want to make a cup of tea before you start!

Rewind back to last weekend, and Hannah came round on Saturday afternoon for a catchup and a cup of tea. She had made me an amazing hamper of treats for my birthday but somehow we hadn’t seen each other since August, crazy! There were so many presents hidden inside, I can’t wait to show you all the lovely things that inside those beautifully wrapped packages.

Sunday I didn’t really have any plans so I decided to go on a bit of a run.  I ended up running just over 10k (my Garmin watch is set to miles) and burning 778 calories with my warm-up too so that was a nice achievement.  I also got a Personal Best at Park Run on the Saturday so all in all a good weekend for running!

Tom came back from his ten days in France on Sunday night and then Monday morning was straight into a busy week at work. The good thing about being busy at work is that it really brings the team together and we’ve definitely had a lot of laughs this week.  We decided that Monday was a cake day so two of the boys nipped out to Sainsbury’s and came back with these amazing cakes, which surprisingly lasted until Thursday!

We then decided that Tuesday was a burger day.  I had heard about a burger van near us which apparently does the best burgers around, and it didn’t let us down.  Well, it kind of did, but it redeemed itself! We phoned our order through to Lloyd at The Burger Project but when my friend Kate brought them back they’d forgotten my burger! I went back to collect it and he made me a super special burger, so fresh he’d made it just before I picked it up… (and I got some free chips, whoop whoop!)

This was my chorizo and cheese burger, I’m not lying when I say it was probably the best burger I’ve ever had! It also required a ratio of one napkin per bite, so messy!

I then went to Pizza Express on Tuesday night, I know, what a bloater! I went with my awesome friend Nicole as she discovered that you get 40% off on a Mon/Tue with an NUS card.  

Despite my best efforts I could only finish half of my Padana on Romana (mouthful in more ways than one!) and despite the 40% off offer we only had soft drinks – will have to take a midweek day off some time and really take advantage of that!

I had a little meetup on Thursday lunchtime with the completely lovely Rosie who works for River Island PR. I’ll be posting separately about all the exciting things she showed me that they have coming up but I thought I’d share a couple of photos of the little café we met up in, Flirt in Bournemouth.  I had a Dime Bar Hot Chocolate which was literally divine, definitely going back there ASAP for another!

So, off the topic of yummy food and onto my other vice, shopping! I picked up these this week, I was sucked in my the purple and the fact that they were £29 in the sale.  They’ve barely left my feet since, new favourites!

Another exciting little bit from this week is that Radio 1 Extra were producing street art in cities where there was a Radio 1 Extra Tour Night happening – last Monday was the Bournemouth one at the BIC and they spraypainted some street art dedicated to Bournemouth on a wall in Boscombe.  I was lucky enough to have my Twitter handle included as a Bournemout blogger/tweeter – very exciting!

As well as all of this I also managed to fit in a pub quiz, a shopping trip to Castlepoint and a Nando’s (I can see the reasons why I put on 3 lbs this week – cake, pizza, burger and chicken!) This weekend we are off to Weymouth to wish a happy birthday to Tom’s Dad so there is no rest for the wicked – I think I might just stay in bed all Sunday – and stay away from junk food!

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