Teamwork makes the dream work – an outfit and a video

It seems like a long time ago I donned some gladrags and headed out to our local pub quiz, whereas it was actually only last Monday.  I know that commenting on the speed of time passing is the second greatest cliché of all (just behind commenting on the weather) but it really does seem to be whizzing by at the moment. (And hasn’t the weather been nice today?)

So, our local ‘lounge‘, Arcado Lounge (FYI, lounge is one of those words where if you look at it too much it looks wrong) have a quiz on a Monday night and I’ve been to the last three – firstly as part of our book club (imaginative team name – ‘book club’), and secondly and thirdly with work people.  This time our team name was a little mantra we have in our office – teamwork makes the dream work! It must have been lucky as we actually came second, netting ourselves a £10 voucher which will be used for later drinks I’m sure.

I decided to dress up a little more than I usually would for a pub quiz, just because last weekend mainly involved PJs and no make-up so it felt nice to make myself look presentable! I quite often come back to all-black outfits for nights out, plus I was so thrilled to discover that I could put my disco pants on without having to lie down that I just had to keep them on!

mr price outfit post

mr p outfit post

mr p outfit post

trousers: £74 | necklace: topshop [instore] shoes: £6.50 and top: £5.50, both

Yes you read those last two prices right! I have rather fallen for a new online shopping destination,, which are kind of like a South African Primark (apparently) but their products seem a bit more fashion forward and better quality.  I bought two pairs of shoes, three tops and a skirt for £35 last week and because it was over £34 I got free delivery, so good! I had a little show and tell with my friends Kate and Emma at work and they immediately got the website up and started doing some shopping.  I love finding a new website to do some sneaky shopping on, though I may have made a few other payday purchases so my debit card is firmly staying in my wallet for the moment! I am trying to balance it out by selling some clothes I don’t wear though, take a peek at my blog sale if you like?

I’ve featured some more Mr P bits along with all my other new purchases in my latest YouTube video, in which Bodhi is a bit of a naughty little pup! Hope you enjoy!

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