Our tree, and a Christmas wishlist

I do love a bit of light based photography, particularly of the long exposure or bokeh variety so I’m afraid that now our tree has gone up you can probably expect a few more snaps like these! We visited Homebase on Saturday morning and came back with this rather lovely tree (Tom says it is as wide as it is tall, my Mum says she knows how it feels) which has now been adorned with lots of lights and Ikea decorations.  I should probably explain that we are currently in the process of redoing our fireplace, which used to be a hideous black marble effect electric fire and is now a hole in the wall (trust me, even that’s better than what it was before).  We’re working on it though so please excuse the mess!

You can see a few presents loitering expectantly under the tree already.  For me, most of the excitement of Christmas is the giving, and the receiving presents comes (a close) second.  Despite this I’ve made a little wishlist of things I’d love to receive come the 25th!

[1] Fine art print – $25.  I can’t remember where I came across the photography of Cole Rise, but I knew as soon as I did that I wanted one of his fine art prints hanging on my wall.  Beautiful.

[2] Lord Victor Foxtrot tee – £9  I am something of a t-shirt collector, especially those with quirky prints or tattoo related designs.  I love this fox tee from Small Victory Clothing.

[3] One Line a Day – A Five Year Memory Book – £7.50  This is a five year journal that you write a line in a day, meaning you can look back at your memories annually for five years.  I think this would be a lovely thing to have and to keep forever.

[4] Gilly Hicks pajama pants – £32  I’ve been coveting these since I saw them on Lily’s blog; they’re a little pricey but look so comfy and well made I think they’d be worth the money.

[5] Topman Mickey Mouse sweater – £28   I can’t help feeling this men’s jumper would look super cute over a pair of leggings teamed with a hat and scarf.

[6] Typewriter ring – £10  I adore all of Sarah’s jewellery at Temporary Secretary but I particularly love this typewriter ring, obviously an R for me!

[7] Desk rubber stamp – £7.75   I actually want everything from the Present and Correct website (greedy, moi?) but I love these rubber stamps that read ‘from the desk of’ with a space to write your name, particularly the typewriter stamp!

What’s on your Christmas wishlist? Do leave a link if you’ve blogged one, I love seeing what other people are hoping for under the tree!

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