1st December and maltesers fudge



Happy December everyone! I can’t believe it’s Christmas month already, I opened the number 1 on my advent calendar very excitedly this morning, I will be even more in the Christmas spirit this weekend when we put the tree up and I can get some more presents wrapped.  I’m always disappointed when I work out I’ve done all my Christmas shopping and there’s still weeks to go so I expect I’ll be picking up little things right up until the big day.  The tradition for our family (only since last year) is that we open stockings in the morning and bigger presents after lunch so I make my parents’ stockings so they have something to open too.  

[01] Our training department at work are raising money for Macmillan by raffling off Christmas hampers filled with homemade goodies like chutneys, jams and biscuits, so I volunteered to make a jar of fudge for each hamper.  I followed this recipe and made Maltesers fudge with a little help from my friend Nicole and I have to say it turned out so well and tastes absolutely amazing! I gave one jar to my friend at work who is organising the hampers and the rest you can see all labelled up [02] and ready to go!

[03] I was lucky enough to win not one but two giveaways over the last few weeks.  The first was from Gem at Fat Frocks who gave away one of the gift bags from the South Wales Blogger Meet Up that Gem and Chantelle hosted in October.  Opening up my gorgeous Fever tote bag (which I’ve already used loads!) it felt like Christmas as I pulled out a gorgeous Gap scarf, La Senza gift card and loads of gorgeous samples and vouchers I can’t wait to use.  Really looking forward to thanking Gem in person when I see her at the Xmas Blogger Meetup in a couple of weeks!

[04] The second giveaway I won was these amazing goodies from Juliet at Ever So Juliet. I asbolutely love her blog so was thrilled to win her little giveaway of prezzies she brought back from America – can’t wait to try out the Crayola polishes and nail art pen and will definitely be putting the cookie cutters to good use over Christmas. (The Goobers are already gone… yum!)

[05] Bought this cute star light from Ikea when I was picking up some jars for my fudge yesterday.  It feels really Christmassy and looks lovely hanging in the lounge.

[06] I’ve been working on assignments for my management course this week (please excuse my anchor pajamas!) but Bodhi does not like missing out on attention so tries to distract me by pulling cute faces whilst I’m tapping away at the keyboard (it usually works).