As a moon waned to crescent

I am cheating a little with the above photo as it’s actually from our family Christmas last year, but I have been on another module of my management course this week and this weekend I’m call (i.e. cannot leave the house) and I thought this was better than subjecting you to photos of me in my pajamas!

I have been feeling super Christmassy today as I have spent the whole day wrapping presents and making things to give to people for Christmas.  Currently on the list of handmade presents is (links where available).

I have also been furiously earmarking pages in Olive magazine and the Sainsbury’s magazine of more things I want to cook and bake over the Christmas period, along with pinning more handmade present ideas! I am feeling like a bit of a domestic goddess at the moment (the candle wax all over the sideboard in the kitchen probably says otherwise).  Other reasons I’m feeling full of Christmas cheer are firstly that I’ve starting working my way through all the Christmas movies on BT Vision – Bad Santa, Deck the Halls and National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation watched so far, any other ones I should put on the list? I’m thinking The Grinch next.  Also because (and I realise this makes me sound about 70) I bought a copy of the Christmas issue of the Radio Times today and I’m already excited to go through circling all the films and TV programmes I want to watch over Christmas! 

On a final note, I could not be more excited about going to the Xmas Blogger Meet in Bristol on Friday, I cannot wait to see all the ladies I met at the previous South West Blogger Meet along with meeting some more people I haven’t before.  Can’t believe I also get to finally meet my sister from another mister, Ayden, too, who is coming all the way from Scottishland to join the party! If you want to find out more you can click the link on my sidebar or read about it in Bee’s post here.

Of course, no post is complete without a photo of Bodhi the puppy is it? I know that’s all you all come here for anyway! 🙂