Photos of Spring, and pretty things

I have just sat down to blog in my jogging bottoms and slouchy hoodie, and looking at the rain outside it feels a million miles away from the sunshine captured in my photos from the last few days! So, no bike ride tonight – just comfy clothes, a bubble bath and an early night!

Even though I was on call this weekend (part of my job involves me being an out of hours press officer), and thus couldn’t go out, I tried to soak up a little bit of the sunshine.  Here is a snap of a dusky Spring evening whilst out on a bike ride, a lovely tree, and Tom washing my car whilst I’m indoors talking to journalists!

When I got home from work yesterday I had a little treat waiting for me in the form of a necklace I’d ordered from Lily‘s shop, ‘Red Brick Lipstick‘.  I found it hard to choose just one thing from her lovely little shop, but am so glad I picked this adorable necklace.  It came in a little envelope addressed to me, with a note from Lily about my purchase.  You don’t get service like that every day! (Also her packaging has reinforced in my head that I NEED a Dymo labelmaker!)

On Monday night I was in a baking mood so I whipped up some more cupcakes for my workmates.  This time I made Snickers cupcakes – they’re really easy to make; just find a recipe for chocolate sponge (and chocolate buttercream) and push a lump of Snickers into the mix before they go into the oven, and decorate the icing with Snickers too of course! Nom!

We went into town last night to take back the shoes and boots from my Aldo online shop fail and I fell a little bit in love with everything in Zara.  I think I’m going to do another post on all the lovely things they have in at the moment but for now here is a little snap of me wearing one of the skirts I bought.  I had an idea that I might do a little outfit special of some of my favourite outfits for the office if anyone would be interested? Also please excuse my weird eyebrow and slight boss-eyedness.  I took it before work.  It was early.