Every night bike rides

I hope everyone has been enjoying the sunshine over the last few days, I certainly have been! If you follow me on Twitter you will have seen me banging on about how much I’m loving my new life in the countryside; I know it’s probably a bit repetitive but I just cannot get over how much I’m settling in to living in Christchurch.  As I mentioned in a previous blog, I bought a bike and so the other half and I have been going out riding our bikes in the sunshine several evenings this week, as well as getting out in the garden and doing lots of digging and pulling up of trees and bushes.  I want to have the garden all ready for the summer months so I can have barbecues with jugs of Pimm’s, fairy lights, paper lanterns, bunting and lots of cute plastic cutlery!  I have requested an invite to Pinterest so I can start pinning inspirational snaps like this one…

One of my favourite evenings this week was Thursday night, when Tom and I rode our bikes into the town centre through the fields near our house, and stopped off at my new favourite little cafe for dinner before riding home.  Cheese and Alfie’s is a quirky little cafe in the centre of Christchurch that has a yummy daytime menu full of lots of breakfast-y things and eggs in various forms, and an even yummier nighttime menu – Tom and I both had burgers.  I discovered it last weekend when a friend and I had breakfast there – here is my ‘eggs blackstone’…

The interior is awesome, with lots of quirky interior accessories and decals.  There are even books on the back of every chair that you bring in one and swap with!

When Tom and I went on Thursday we picked the window seat – look at our bikes outside making friends through the heart garland! (Mine is the white one).

And here is my burger – nom!

On a final note, you may have seen my last post about my haul from eyeslipsface.  I tried the nail varnish tonight and it is just as good as the other products (and such a bargain at £1.50).  It took a few coats but it dried quickly and hasn’t chipped yet! Excuse my sloppy nail varnish in the snap, but here is the colour – mango madness.