My Saturday in snaps

Yesterday was a very eventful day indeed.  We started out with a McDonalds brekkie and a trip to Homebase to get more gardening bits and bobs (we seem to be living in Homebase lately!)

We then headed off to an auction rooms in Alresford for the afternoon – we spent about £50 in total but we came away with a fish tank (£9), a box of about 10 cameras (£16), two vintage suitcases (£22) and a graphics tablet and CD burner (£5).  I am not a great lover of fish but Tom has kept tropical fish before and for £9 (including the cabinet and all the pumps and lights) I could hardly say no.  I will take some snaps of the cameras and suitcases for my next post – there were some lovely little cameras in there (including a Lomo Cosmic Symbol) so I’m very pleased with my haul!

After the auction I treated Tom to dinner at an American diner as I won £20 on a scratchcard a couple of days before and thought it would be nice to spend it on something we’d both enjoy.  I had a burger and Tom had a chilli cheese dog! I also had a coke float – yum!

After that long day it was a hot chocolate with marshmallows and an early night! Zzzzzz.

Hope everyone else has been enjoying the warm weather today – we went into the New Forest for a long bike ride and to walk Tom’s parents’ dog and it was lovely seeing everyone having barbecues and picnics in the forest! Summer is nearly here!

Obviously I will be rounding off the weekend with a bit of ‘The Only Way Is Essex’ in bed after a nice long bubble bath; is everyone else enjoying this series as much as I am? The Lydia and Arg storyline is breaking my heart though as I really want them to get back together! (I also don’t really understand what he has done!) Hopefully Joey Essex will come out with some more corkers tonight too – altogether now – flat and bumpy… tall and reem!

Arg, Lydia and Mr Darcy