A different New Year’s Eve

Just a quick post today as I have to go and pack my bag for our trip to the Lake District.  We leave early tomorrow morning and I am so excited.  I have spent the last few New Year’s Eves spending extortionate amounts of money getting into clubs that normally don’t have an entry fee, queueing at the bar to pay double price for drinks and buckling under the pressure of having to have THE BEST TIME EVER….

So this year I will be swapping this;

image from weheartit

For this!

We are going for steak on New Year’s Eve and then we have a guided walk of the lower fells on New Year’s Day.  I know this probably isn’t everyone’s idea of fun but now I am 26 I have had nearly 10 years of going out drinking, having drinks spilled on me, waking up with a horrible hangover and wasting a weekend slobbing around feeling sorry for myself and whilst I still like to go out now and again a log fire, Bucks Fizz and a good slab of steak seems like my idea of bliss!

In other news I went into town yesterday to check out the sales, but not before having a go with my new Mac penultimate eyeliner – a crimbo present from my parents.  I have never used liquid eyeliner before and with a very shaky hand I had a go.  I think practice will make perfect but I took a picture of my face anyway [below] along with my lovely new circle scarf from Rani at Cupcake Couture.

I mooched around the sales but wasn’t particularly successful, there were crowds everywhere (all doing that stop, walk, stop in the middle of the shopping centre thing…) and I had a boyfriend in tow who got crosser and crosser as the day progressed and more people bumped into him! I did, however buy these beautiful shoes from Aldo.  They had 30% off all their sale shoes so they were £27! Bargain!

Today, after a lot of trips to down, strongly worded emails and various refunds I finally came home with a copy of Def Jam Rap Star for the Xbox.  It might not be your cup of tea but until you have seen your boyfriend trying to rap Roots Manuva in a Dorset accent you really haven’t lived.  Well worth whatever I ended up paying for it.

What are your plans for New Year’s Eve? I must admit to being a wee bit jealous of those people who are getting all dolled up and going out in glitzy frocks (God I sound about 50) as I pack my wellies and thick socks!

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