A Rosie Christmas

Christmas is now well and truly feeling like it’s over for me.  I had to travel back in the early hours from my other half’s parents’ to be on call for three days so now I’m sat in the flat again in my jogging bottoms, binging on After Eights and reflecting on how nice it was to be around my family for a few days, and of course, all the lovely prezzies I got!  The boyfriend has gone off surfing (yes I know, in this weather!) so I thought it was a good opportunity to take a few snaps of what I got and share them with you all.  As I have a nice few hours of me time I will also be nosing around seeing what you lot got too!

We went out for a lovely meal as a family on Christmas Eve; baked camemberts and burgers all round – yum! After that it was lots of wine and then bed.  My brother and his girlfriend were up bright and early at 8am to start opening stockings, and then we had a long Christmas dinner and opened our main presents.  This is some of what I got….

Personalised earrings from Lola Pop from the boyf
Sewing box and personalised tags for my crafty creations from Mummy
Lots of bits from Lush
Gruffalo toy from boyf and plate and cup set from parents. I love the Gruffalo!

Clarins gift set and perfumes from parents
Comfy boaty boots from Office from the boyf
Bayside Tigers jumper, as modelled by Mollie King. I will look exactly like this in mine, obv.

All Saints leather purse from my bro

My boyfriend also bought me this dress from Criminal Damage.  I have never bought anything from there before but this dress is so darned cute! The sad thing is, even though he bought me a Large (as they said it was a 10-12), it won’t even zip up! Apparently, in their language, a 28″ waist and 30″ bust is a LARGE.  So I’ve had to send it back and ask for an EXTRA LARGE, which is a bit embarrassing.  I mean, I know I’ve gone a bit overboard on the mince pies and matchmakers the last few weeks but it is a bit crappy making a size 12 your XL size when the average size in the UK is a 14-16.  Anyway… rant over.

I actually got so many more awesome things but I won’t bore you with photographing them all.  In the afternoon we played Bananagrams and Cluedo (what are your family’s board games of choice?) and watched a lot of rubbish Christmas telly. I sat and watched the Eastenders Christmas special with my Mum but don’t normally watch it – man that TV programme is depressing! 

On Boxing Day we drove through lots of snow and ice to my other half’s parents’ house in Weymouth.  Here is a snap of our stop on the journey home…

In the evening we had a gihugic spread of food and more board games and present opening.  I got Jamie’s 30 Minute Meals from them and some lovely soaps and a DIY book from his sister.  We are going to end up doing a hell of a lot of DIY when we move into our new house so this will come in handy! Yesterday was a mostly lazy day spent reading and browsing round the online internet sales.  All I bought was Def Jam Rapstar for my XBox, which I literally cannot wait to receive (tomorrow – hello next day delivery!) Cannot wait to rap my way through Juicy and Gin and Juice – going to be a bit good!  I did get out for a quick walk around Weymouth harbour though when I met the boyfriend for lunch.  Doesn’t it look lovely?

The next exciting thing I have to look forward to is our New Year’s break up in the Lake District.  Can’t wait to put my wellies on and go stomping around the lakes with my camera (before returning for crumpets and rum butter, obviously!).

Did everyone else have a lovely Christmas? 

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