Daniel and Chloe

I admit it, I have something of a weakness for watches and jewellery.  When I’m feeling a little more casual I think you can really jazz up an outfit just by layering on bracelets, a statement watch and some pretty rings.  (Well, that’s how I justify wearing jeans and a jumper 90% of the time, anyway).

My watch collection is starting to get a little out of control, but my heart will always be true to Daniel Wellington watches – with their classic faces trimmed with gold paired with a chic leather strap, or their unique canvas striped straps (which somehow conjure images of picnics on a riverbank or cloudy lemonade at a cricket match) there’s something a little bit special about their timepieces.

Daniel Wellington Classic Warwick Watch, watch.co.uk, £141*

The majority of the watches in my collection are men’s watches (or suitably androgynous), simply because I love a chunky strap and a large watch face.  I think there’s something quite chic about a white shirt with rolled up sleeves and a large, masculine watch.  This is their ‘Warwick’ watch, which I was drawn to because I am a long time devotee of rose gold (hashtag basic) and because the striped strap is really different to anything else I own.

I actually wear two watches which does make me feel like a complete idiot, but I wear my Garmin fitness/heart rate watch on my right wrist, and then something a little more stylish on my left.  If I want to check the time I automatically just look at my Garmin so any watches are really just decoration, is that ridiculous?

Because the Garmin watch is quite basic and unfashionable I like to layer on a few bracelets next to it to make that wrist look a bit more aesthetically pleasing! My go-to place for pretty jewellery is ChloBo, whose silver bracelets and necklaces (well – they do much more than this but these are my favourites) grace my jewellery collection and my wishlist.

Hamsa Hand Bracelet, ChloBo, £90*
Star Bracelet, ChloBo, similar : £60

I actually wore the bracelet with the star on my wedding day, as it’s dainty and subtle enough to be worn as a standalone piece.  It’s going to look lovely stacked with my new hamsa hand bracelet – I also sometimes wear the star one as an anklet as they’re stretchy so they can be slipped over your foot and worn with some cute sandals.  They have so many pieces I love that my wishlist is starting to get a little out of control, especially since they have a rose gold section – these hamsa earrings make me wish I hadn’t stretches my ears as a naive 17-year-old!

Are you a watch and jewellery fan? Do you think I’m a complete weirdo for wearing two watches? 🙂