A weekend of adventures

I want to start this post by saying a huge thank you to all of you for your support in my entry for the loblography challenge.  It’s not over yet, so if you feel that way inclined please do click ‘like’ on my previous post, as it ends at midnight tomorrow night.  It might sound defeatist, but I have accepted that it is unlikely I will win now as a couple of the other bloggers have very much overtaken me, but I have so enjoyed being involved that it’s all been worth it.  I have been really touched by how lovely people have been and the support I’ve had and it’s things like this that really make blogging worth it.  It blows my mind that people I have never met can be so lovely to me and so kind and supportive – so – thank you! I got my last film back today and it has my favourite snap so far on it – Pancake hamster peeking over her cage….

I have a lot of other things to tell you about so I hope you’re in for the long haul! I’m afraid as well that, if you weren’t already all ‘photography-ed out’ from my previous posts that I have a few more snaps to share as we had a very picturesque weekend.

On Friday we set off for North Wales to go to a wedding in Criccieth.  Although we set off at two o’ clock in the afternoon, the traffic on the roads and our need to stop for both lunch and dinner meant that we didn’t arrive in Criccieth until nearly 10 o’ clock at night.  To make matters worse, for the last stretch of the journey the sat nav took us up a mountain pass in Snowdonia that was a single track road with some pretty dramatic drops on either side; it was a nerve-racking drive (with fog, and lashing down with rain) and in the pitch black I had visions of us going through a fence and never being seen again!

The next morning we had an explore around Criccieth and were chuffed to find out (never having heard anything about the town before) that it was absolutely lovely; we walked along the beach and the sea wall and I took lots of snaps before heading back to the hotel to get ready for the wedding.  Here are two I took that morning;

The wedding was absolutely lovely, and, feeling slightly tender from all the wine that flowed the night before, the next day we headed towards Stratford Upon Avon, where we were staying for one night before heading home today.  We went back via the same mountain pass – a lot less hairy in the daylight.  Some of the views were absolutely breathtaking so I stopped off for a few photos.

The hotel we stayed in in Criccieth was pretty dismal and the walls were so thin that I hardly had any sleep for the two night stay so we were keeping our fingers crossed that our hotel in Stratford would be more homely. After the seven hours of driving in two days, a vague hangover and so much lost sleep we decided that our Sunday night would be spent in watching TV and ordering room service. And wow, it didn’t disappoint! This is the hotel; surrounded by lakes and beautiful grounds…

Because it was such a grim day and there weren’t that many guests they upgraded our room and it was amazing. Our room was absolutely huge, with views over the grounds, a four poster bed, and the most amazing bathroom! The bathroom had heated floor tiles, a huge wet room and a giant bath!

This was the view from our room; 

We headed into Stratford-Upon-Avon the next day, but frustratingly it was raining and absolutely freezing cold, so after a wander around we ducked into an Italian restaurant for lunch and a hot chocolate! Thanks to Maria for recommending the restaurant, and to Sarah for remembering it! 

All in all we had a really lovely weekend – I hope you’ve enjoyed my photos! Writing about the loblography challenge, and the new followers it has gained me and support I have been given has really inspired me to work harder with my blog, I have lots of new ideas and am really motivated to continue to make my blog what is hopefully a good read!