Five ways I’m celebrating Spring

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I was born in August and have always considered myself a true summer baby – I spend the chillier months in a permanent countdown until the season of freckled noses, ice creams and sitting out in the garden long after nightfall has arrived.  I have never thought much of Spring, seeing it only as a gateway for my preferred season, and wanting April and May to rush on by.

But not this year – this year I think Spring might just have overtaken Summer for me.  I’ve suddenly seen the real wonder of Spring; as daffodils dance and wave in the fields near my house, as the temperatures nudge slowly upwards and as I’m woken in the mornings by the sun streaming through the blind and a crisp chill in the room from the open window (well, that and the baby!).

I’m thoroughly embracing Spring this year, and the new freedoms that the slowly lifting lockdown enable.  Here are some of the ways I’m celebrating the new season and starting new habits for years to come.

1. Delicate jewellery details

Necklace from Daisy London
Artisan Woven Necklace – £189*, Estee Lalonde Curb Chain, £139*

For me, Spring is a season of delicate details – of muted or pastel shades, and subtle but stylish accessories.  I like to layer one or two necklaces and thin, stacked bracelets, and I’m having a real love affair with gold jewellery right now.  I find it doesn’t tarnish and feels so timeless, as well as seeming brighter and warmer – exactly the aesthetic I’m channelling now!

My current favourite pieces are all from Daisy London – I’m obsessed with their necklaces generally but especially their range by Estée Lalonde, which are just as classic and chic as you’d expect.

Estée Lalonde Goddess Medallion
Estée Lalonde Goddess Medallion – £269*

daisy london gold jewellery

2. Fresh flowers

I don’t think you can truly capture the essence of Spring without having vases of freshly cut flowers dotted around windowsills and on tables (especially as a table centrepiece).  My favourite cut flowers at Spring are, of course daffodills (usually £1 in the supermarket too, so who can refuse?), tulips, hyacinths and alstroemeria.  They bring me so much cheer when I see them around the house, and it feels like nature is drifting indoors too.

fresh flowers in the house

3. Adding transition pieces to my wardrobe

ASOS oatmeal cardigan
ASOS Oatmeal Boxy Cardigan – £15.40

Due to the unpredictable weather, my wardrobe is a total muddle at the moment – with big comfy jumpers still lining my clothes rail, coupled with my optimistic additions from a recent sort-out of my summer clothes; strappy dresses are now hung next to thick cardigans! I’ve tentatively added a few new pieces however to help me transition between the two – I’m loving my new oatmeal, boxy cardigan from ASOS, and I’m seriously coveting a pair of crisp, white jeans to brighten up my colour palette.

4. Go blossom hunting

blossom spotting

I think we can all agree that our main activity right now is enjoying long walks (although it’s very exciting that we can now meet up with friends in the garden), and my walks are spent spotting my favourite Spring details – particularly blooming blossom trees that just fill me with so much joy and optimism.  I’m trying to steer away from getting sucked into a podcast or listening to music whilst out walking and be more aware of nature and my surroundings; especially now the woodland path near my house is alive with the sound of birdsong and so many new budding trees and flowers to take in.

5. Seasonal Eating

I’m trying to eat (and live) more seasonally these days, and there’s no better way to do that than to enjoy the bumper crop of new, UK-grown produce available to add to meals throughout the Spring seasons.  For me, I’m loving new potato salads with spring onions and rocket, adding radishes to salads, making beetroot hummus and dreaming of rhubarb crumble!

What are your favourite ways to celebrate Spring?