A dress that deserves to be worn

Sometimes I let my imagination run away with me with pretty dresses.  I imagine the perfect place to wear them – perhaps riding a vintage sit-up-and-beg bike through a market town, a basket on the front full of fresh produce or a picnic, a chilled bottle of champagne strapped to the frame and my hair trailing in the breeze behind me.  Then I remember that I don’t have a bike like that, my hair has been the same length for about a year and usually ends up stuck to my forehead when I ride my bike, and I’m so clumsy that I’d probably smash the champagne or get hit in the face by an errant baguette.  And so the dress hangs in my wardrobe until that moment magically appears, which it never will.  I have a beautiful dress with a seagull print that I’m saving for some sort of evening beach soirĂ©e, except that when I go down to the beach it’s usually with the dog in tow, and dogs, beaches and pretty dresses do not mix, because as any dog owner will attest, after a dog has been in the sea they have an inherent urge to get as close to you as possible for that moment when they shake all the seawater and sand off.

I guess that would explain why I’ve been a naughty blogger and had this dress hanging on my wardrobe door (it is, frankly, too pretty to be tucked away) for four weeks without so much as taking the tags off or letting it see sunlight.  It was very kindly sent to me by Little Mistress, who have all manner of pretty dresses and clothes that are far too pretty to be hung on coathangers instead of shoulders.

So here I am, wearing my dress.  So far it has only been in my garden and in my bedroom, but I have high hopes that I will be invited to a wedding, or a posh dinner, or that I’ll just bite the bullet and take it out skateboarding or dog walking and will just say ‘yaboo shucks’ to anyone who says that I’m a little bit overdressed.

dress: little mistress* | floral headband, gift from witch skincare at lovebox festival

heels: melissa for vivienne westwood dupes

I just adore the shape of it, I didn’t realise when I ordered it that it had a puffball skirt, but it just hangs so nicely.

Do you have things you’re saving for a special occasion or are you good at wearing things out?

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