Open air cinemas and cold ciders

After our first foray into the world of open-air cinema at Lulworth Castle a couple of weeks ago, we enjoyed it so much that we thought we’d go to another, this time a screening of Skyfall at Corfe Castle last Sunday.

We learned our lesson with the chilly evening temperatures last time and this time packed blankets, jumpers and thicker coats – I must admit I did take some secret pleasure in pulling on my thick Jack Wills chinos and retrieving my coat from the cupboard under the stairs.  We retained a touch of summer by packing cold ciders into our coolbag and set off for Corfe Castle, taking in the beautiful views as we walked through the village and into the castle walls.

We set up our rug and camping chairs and enjoyed the beautiful sunset.  Tom’s parents also came along, which was really nice – they brought some delicious cheese scones and we tucked into them, along with paper bags of warm popcorn sold at the screening.

Kopparberg recently very kindly sent me some bottles of their new flavours for my birthday – cloudberry and elderflower and lime.  We took the bottles of cloudberry along and had them in plastic cups, they were absolutely delicious (Kopparberg also sent me some lovely glasses but I didn’t want to risk them getting broken at our al fresco soiree!) Cider is absolutely my drink of choice and Kopparberg just have the best flavours – I was dedicated to their mixed fruit flavour for several years, have recently been won over by strawberry and lime and now might be a new devotee to cloudberry, it is delicious!

The open air screening was such a lovely evening, it was amazingly atmospheric being outside in the ruins of a castle, especially watching the later scenes set in the Scottish moors with all the darkness all around you – it was such a perfect match.  I thoroughly enjoyed being snuggled up in a blanket and laid out on a rug with a giant Daniel Craig a few metres away!

Have you ever been to an open air cinema? (And what’s your favourite Kopparberg flavour for al fresco supping?)

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