Varsity Blues

This is definitely a very ‘Rosie’ outfit – comfy, casual, a nod to nautical and a big chunky necklace.  I feel a bit ‘preppy US high school’ with my jacket on, like I need to be dating a quarterback jock and eating a corn dog at a drive-in movie or something (I want to do those last two things immediately, kthanx).  I wore this to Redfest last Saturday, I thought it would be kind of awkward wearing dungarees to a festival (hello toilet situation) but actually it was fine, just like wearing shorts really except for making sure your dungaree straps don’t trail in something grotty.  Mmm.

I feel like I look about 16 in these pictures – does anyone else wonder whether getting IDed all the time is truly their youthful looks or could in fact be because they walk around looking like a college student (or a giant baby in the case of this outfit)? I got IDed buying cider in Asda on the way to the festival and the woman was so incredulous at my date of birth I thought she was going to get all of her colleagues over for a look at my driving licence. (I’m 29 next week, please don’t mass unfollow me for being ancient!) I’m not sure this is what I imagined I’d dress like when I was in my late twenties but I’m not sure anything is how I imagined it’d be at that age, so there we go!

jacket: topshop sale £15 [] | necklace: topshop [instore – £16]t-shirt: urban outfitters [old] | dungarees: primark £12 | flip flops: havaianas

I can’t lie, this week has been a particularly stressful one.  I was poorly on Monday and then since then Tom has also been struck down with an almighty bug that’s left him completely sofa-ridden (and nearly led to a hospital trip yesterday).  We were hoping to have the conservatory renovation finished for a birthday barbecue with my parents on Saturday but I’m not sure that’s going to happen now which is a shame but can’t be helped.  Playing nurse and trying to keep on top of chores (along with all the DIY) has meant our house looks like a bomb’s hit it and I can’t relax when it’s that messy! Oh, and we have hardly any food in so my last three dinners have involved toast, which is deeply unsatisfying.  Roll on the weekend!

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