Winter wonderland

After the fleeting excitement of our morning dog walk in the snow yesterday I wanted to make sure I got to see a little bit more of it today before it all melts away and life goes back to normal.  I know, I know, we’ve all seen the snow and Twitter is bursting at the seams with snow humbugs cursing anyone who mentions it but we rarely get any snow down here in the tropical microclimate that is Dorset so stuff you snow humbugs, I’m celebrating the snow again!

I bought this shirt in the Urban Outfitters sale, it’s nice and thick and I love the stitched crosses.  The shorts are vintage Levis that I cut off and stuck some studs in and the boots are yet again my favourite new Clarks boots kindly sent to me by Idealo which I spotted are in the Spartoo sale for £63 yesterday, which is a bargain as they’re leather and so cosy with the furry lining.

Urban Outfitters shirt

Obviously with snow on the ground it was a bit cold for this ensemble so I donned my vintage army jacket.  I look a bit more like I’m going to a festival than out in the snow don’t I? 

German camo jacket

In the end we decided to go out into the forest so I swapped my shoes for my Hunter boots and added an extra hat and hoodie.  Brrrrr!

Snow outfit

Bodhi absolutely loves the snow and spent lots of time leaping around like a little lamb, shovelling snow into his mouth and digging for hidden treasures.

Bodhi in the snow

Tom was even more sensible with his attire and wore his trapper hat and a snowboarding jacket, perfect for causing impromptu snow storms by shaking trees…

Snow avalanche

Bodhi got confused with snowballs and actual balls and decided to try and catch one…

Schnoodle catching a snowball

Probably one of my favourite photos of Bodhi and you can see from the wellies in the background that Tom took it rather than me.. (jealous!)

Schnoodle run

And then home, through a winter wonderland, with the van heaters blasting at the highest setting to try and melt our frozen toes…

Snowy road

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