Weekly Bookmarked Wishlist 03

Before I begin my weekly wishlist I just want to thank everyone for all of the advice and support you offered in my last post.  I am touched from the bottom of my heart by the thought people put into their comments and it really made me feel a lot better knowing there are so many other people out there who feel the same way.

I’m trying to save money at the moment so I can do more of the fun stuff I mentioned in my last post so this list is definitely a wishlist rather than a ‘to buy’ list.  Saying that, I did allow myself just a few small sale purchases, in the form of a Gladstone bag from Marks and Spencers (now out of stock) and two pairs of Jeffrey Campbell heels from office (they had Litas for £40 – now out of stock – and I also bought these).  So saving starts now!  Here’s what I’ve been window shopping this week…

1. Not for Ponies Aztec pocket dress // £27 // Kiki’s Boutique
2. Boots by Blink (direct link) // £26.20 // Spartoo
3. Beaded dip hem dress // £18 // Boohoo Boutique
4. Velvet cutout dress // £18.99 // Missguided
5. Damn fine coffee tote // £10 // Totes Amazed
6. Jersey midi dress // £12 // Boohoo

Just realised I told a bit of a porkie pie above as I did actually also buy the Boohoo dress on the bottom right.  I’m not sure if it suits me though, I feel a bit self conscious in it, it might have to go back! I am on a definite spending ban for shoes but if I weren’t I’d have to snap up those ankle boots, £26 for some leather boots? Yes please!

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