Between the sheets of lightning

Another busy week this week – the photos above make it seem like it mostly involved eating, drinking, and the pup.  And that would probably be true.  Bodhi the puppy (he is a schnoodle, for those who asked) is now 10 weeks old and doing well with his training.  The second photo is him at the top of the stairs – he loves to run up the stairs but he’s too scared to climb down them!

This week Tom’s shifts and my 9-5ing have meant that we haven’t spent much time together so Tom suggested I plan a fun day out for us today.  I picked Nando’s and three games of bowling at Tower Park in Poole.  We then swung by Tesco’s on the way home to pick up snacks and drinks to accompany X Factor tonight – we have giant buttons, Haribo, Doritos and cupcakes and I am very excited! (We also have some champagne!) Who is everyone rooting for tonight? I hope Kitty goes this weekend, I can’t run the risk any longer that I might be forced to punch the TV when she comes on otherwise!

A little nugget of exciting news is that I am going to be running the Southampton pages for the fashion website ‘My Street Chic‘.  We met the lovely ladies who run it at the South West Blogger Meet, and they were looking for people to run the ‘Your City‘ pages – meaning that you cover news, events and style in your city.  One of the things they do is ‘Street Style Heroes’, showcasing great outfits and styles that have been spotted in your city, so I have been hitting the high street with my camera for the last week or so trying to cajole fashionable types into letting me take their picture.  If you live in Southampton and you fancy getting involved, send me an e-mail – I’d love to add some great blogger outfits to the street style section, and I’d also love to represent local style by featuring some bloggers.  If you’re not from Southampton, do check out their other city pages and become a member.

With all the naughty food I’ve been gobbling this week (and in previous weeks!) I have definitely been piling on the pounds, and I’m determined to do something about it.  I’ve downloaded the ‘Couch to 5k’ app on my iPhone and been reading all about it online and it really sounds like something I could actually do.  We’ve got a walk planned tomorrow so I’m going to start on Monday I think (well, I don’t want to overdo it do I?).

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