Review: Cosmo All You Can Eat World Buffet, Southampton West Quay

As a family, we love to go out to eat, but with a 3-year-old and an 8-year-old, it’s not always easy – especially when you throw in our different culinary preferences! Personally, I’m a huge pizza lover, whereas Liam loves Indian food.  Alba (3), likes a simple bowl of pasta, and Reeva has a rather long list of dislikes but is a big fan of dessert.  If you find the same challenges when choosing a restaurant, then I highly recommend the All You Can Eat World Buffet, Cosmo – located in the heart of Southampton as part of the West Quay Watermark offering.  I recently visited for a review, and was incredibly impressed with their diverse buffet spread and inviting, easy-going ambience.  Their extensive selection of Chinese, British Carvery, Indian, Italian, Japanese (and many other) cuisines means that there’s a wide range of options to suit every palate.

I’ve only visited once before and was immediately struck by how clever the idea is of offering a ‘world buffet’ dining concept.  There really is a huge array of dishes – from pizza to pasta, to a sushi bar, to succulent steaks cooked to order in front of you, meaning you can explore different flavours and traditional dishes.  I loved trying some of the authentic Indian spiced dishes and opting for menu options I wouldn’t normally choose (I don’t like to take risks when ordering a takeaway, but this is a great way to try lots of different things and find new favourites for our next visit).

There’s no getting away from the fact that at peak dinnertimes, it’s family friendly appeal gives it a buzz-y (and busy!) atmosphere.  With an unpredictable toddler in tow, for me I absolutely love knowing that we won’t be getting sideaways glances from other diners if the kids are a little noisy, and the atmosphere is friendly and easygoing with a great layout for both couples or larger groups.  Despite its family appeal, the décor is stylish and modern and feels upmarket.  The service was brilliant – no sooner have you finished a dish than it is whipped away (clearing space for your next choice!) Their cocktails are great value, and the soft drinks are also re-fillable which is a huge plus.  In a buffet style environment there’s always the concern of items running low or being sat out for long periods, but everything is quickly replenished and it all felt extremely cleaned and well tended to.  I also think it represents great value, with a dinner buffet priced at £19 per person.

cosmo world buffet spreadcosmo southampton sushi

No review of Cosmo is complete without a nod to their impressive dessert selection – a dedicated corner of the restaurant housing a paradise of cakes, pastries, and ice creams, with the pièce de resistance being the chocolate fountain!

cosmo chocolate fountain

In short – if you’re looking to try an all you can eat restaurant or a dining experience that’s sure to tick the boxes of everyone in the family, be sure to give Cosmo a try.