Out and about: What’s in my hand luggage?

I consider myself a pretty organised person – a lover of to-do lists and spreadsheets, with endless scribbled notes and appointments filling my Filofax, my finances carefully managed and all important documents filed in a box under my desk.  This level of organisation definitely extends to holiday planning – my pre-holiday routine usually involves creating files of all addresses we’re staying at, organising travel insurance documents and tickets into a folder and researching local restaurants, as well as ensuring everything is ironed/charged/packed well in advance.

Even though we don’t leave for the States until Tuesday, I’ve already packed most of my main bag (a big red holdall) and I’ve even started packing my hand luggage just so I can make sure nothing is forgotten!

Ritz recently got in contact about their newest product – Ritz Breaks, and kindly sent me an ‘Out and About’ pack so I can get my snack on whilst on the go! They sent me an awesome Mini Mi-Pac backpack with two packs of their new Ritz Breaks crackers, which are incredibly yummy.

Ritz Breaks

The backpack is the perfect size for hand luggage and will be really useful on my Trek America adventure.  I tend to always pack snacks in my hand luggage as there’s nothing worse than being hungry on a long plane journey.  Buying snacks is definitely a favourite hobby of mine so you can bet I’ll be hitting up the supermarket to get some sweets and other bits to accompany my Ritz Breaks in my plane bag.

Ritz Breaks

Electronics wise, I usually pack my compact camera in my hand luggage and my SLR in my main luggage.  You never know what photo opportunities you might miss out on the plane – obviously the classic ‘wing and clouds’ shot is not to be missed… As well as my camera I’ll obviously also have my phone, my iPad Mini and my Philips Downtown Denims headphones.  I’ve loaded loads of books onto the Kindle app on my iPad Mini so I’ll definitely be doing lots of reading on the plane and hopefully whilst we’re away too.

I always pack a few skincare/cosmetic bits as there’s nothing worse than getting dry and dehydrated skin from all that recirculated plane air.

Ritz Breaks

Here’s what will be in my (clear) make-up bag:

Tisserand Focus Aromatherapy Rollerball (to keep me feeling energised and de-stressed during the flight)
Pai Skincare Rosehip Biogenerate Oil (to keep my skin hydrated and combat the effects of the dry air on the plane)
Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask (I usually apply this before a snooze on a night flight as it’s so quenching and soothing)
Jurlique Citrus Hand Cream (to keep my hands feeling soft throughout the flight)
Maybelline Baby Lips (I don’t tend to wear make-up on flights so this will give a bit of colour and keep my lips hydrated)
Lush Sweet Lips (to get rid of any dry skin – and it tastes amazing!)

I also usually pack slippers or fluffy socks and maybe even some comfy jogging bottoms to change into if it’s a longer flight.  Of course I’ll be raiding WHSmith’s in the airport for some magazines too.

What are your hand luggage essentials? Oh, and make sure you check out the MEGA yummy Ritz Breaks if you’re a snack fiend like me!

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