I’ve been meaning to do an FAQs post for such a long time, mainly because I like reading them on other people’s blogs and I think it can be a useful little hub of information.  I thought I’d add some questions I’ve been asked since I started my blog and a few other bits that might be of interest.

Why did you start your blog?

I started my blog in August 2010.  In my teenage years I’d used Xanga and Live Journal and missed having an outlet for my writing and photography.  I started it originally to share what I’d been up to and keep a record for myself and I had no idea there was this huge community out there – I didn’t even know that fashion blogs and outfit posts existed! 

Which are your favourite blogs?

The first blog I discovered that inspired me to do more with my blog was Little Chief Honeybee.  Early on into blogging I discovered bloggers like Little Blog of Horrors, Dainty Dresses, From Gem With Love, Sailboat, Gem Fatale, Daisy Butter and Lily Loves Lola and these are still some of my favourites today and constantly inspire me.  I also absolutely love Little Winter, A Million Dresses, Made Up of Little Things, Sweet Monday, What Olivia Did, Beautiful Clutter and Chambray and Curls.

Do you do sponsored links and affiliate links? Why?

I sometimes include sponsored links in posts and, for transparency, I mark these as containing sponsored links (the same if it’s a sponsored post by a brand).  I only accept sponsored links or posts from brands or products I think my readers will be interested in and I do not accept prewritten content as this is my blog, for my writing.  When I write wishlist posts or reference products I’ve bought, I sometimes use affiliate links, via Reward Style.  I accept that some people do not agree with monetizing a blog or accepting payment for content or links but I put hours of work into my blog and I do not see the harm in occasionally accepting payment for something I would have written about anyway.  I make very little money from my blog and it’s not its primary aim.

Can I advertise on your blog?

I use PassionFruit for advertising, you can find out more on my page ‘Advertising on A Rosie Outlook

How do you get your hair to be that purple shade?

This is honestly the question I get asked the most and it’s really not even something I originally did on purpose.  I bleach my hair with Schwarzkopf LIVE Color XXL in Absolute Platinum and then use a purple shampoo a couple of times a week.  I wrote a blog post about the best purple shampoo, my favourite is Fudge Clean Blonde Violet Shampoo

Where do you live?

I live near Bournemouth with my boyfriend and dog.