The next few months

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After finally being able to make our pregnancy announcement, I’m really hoping that we can start to relax and enjoy the next few months – it’s been such an arduous and stressful time that I feel desperate to start celebrating and try and go with the flow of pregnancy now.  I have no doubt that once Christmas is over, time will start to fly by! I’ve had to start thinking about what date I might want to take maternity leave from – I can’t get my head around the fact that in 18 weeks I’ll be taking an extended period of time off.  I’m sure by the time it gets here I’ll be desperate for it though.

One thing that’s been on my mind throughout the last couple of dreary, dark, rainy months has been the idea of a Babymoon, preferably involving some sunshine and a pool! It seems really extravagant to be thinking about a holiday when we should be saving for all the essentials (and prams and cots aren’t cheap!) but I think it will be nice to have some time together before the baby comes.  A close friend of mine went to Morocco for a few days about 5/6 weeks before she gave birth and had an amazing time.  I probably wouldn’t fly beyond 28 weeks, so we have a couple of months to think about a long weekend away – though not many places within a few hours’ flight are that warm in January! (One thing’s for sure, I’d be getting an excellent travel insurance policy – I’ve been recommended United Healthcare Travel Insurance so I’ll be giving them a look).  I went to Palma in Mallorca back in September 2017 and adored it, and you can fly from Southampton so I’m putting that on the list.  Just have to convince Liam now, who is convinced we can’t afford it.  Might need to put some Babymoon ideas on my vision board (or hope for a lottery win!)

Palma Spain
Palma, Spain — Photo by Oscar Nord on Unsplash

Of course I am doing some more sensible planning too; thinking about things like planning the nursery, counting down to our next scan and reading my pregnancy books (I have Expecting Better and Your No Guilt Pregnancy Plan) – if anyone has any other pregnancy or baby books they can recommend I’d really appreciate it! The nursery also has some clothes storage in there for Liam and a daybed that his daughter Reeva uses when she stays, so it’s going to have to be carefully planned in order to maximise the space.  It’s difficult not to get to drawn into Pinterest browsing however – obviously I want all of the book racks, rabbit prints, map murals and wicker baskets! I think we’ll keep it quite neutral, obviously it works well that Liam already has a girl, but I’ve never been a fan of pink and I can’t stand anything with a unicorn on it…

Over the next few months I also want to find that balance of feeling healthy and doing good things for my body, alongside not putting too much pressure on myself to be really active.  I want to book a prenatal yoga course but unfortunately at the moment it’s just another thing on the list of expenditures so I’ll likely have to sort that after Christmas and do YouTube videos in the meantime!  I have joined the NCT as a member however so I can connect up with local groups and go to their workshops (and go to their Nearly New sales, which will be a good way to save some money).  I also want to look into hypnobirthing – so many courses, so little time right? I like the idea of learning some new skills that I might be able to share whilst I’m on maternity leave – though looking after a newborn will I’m sure take up most of my time!  I’m also very excited to be going on a Level 1 Reiki Training Course in January – it’s something I’ve wanted to do for ages and I think it will be a fab way to start the year (it’s the first weekend in January).

On one final exciting note, Bodhi dog is back on Monday, and I have him for Christmas, and hopefully on until around February.  I can’t wait to put him in his Christmas pudding outfit and take him for some beach walks over the next few weeks! Of course he has several presents under the tree too, which he will take great pleasure in opening himself.  And boy have I missed this face…

Bodhi and me

Hope you’ve all had excellent weeks – appreciating of course that many of us in the UK might have found today’s political news rather disappointing.  Here’s to some better news, brighter days and a relaxing weekend ahead.

This post contains a collaborative link