Autumn details

For me, the joy of Autumn is found in the details.  The smooth shine of the conker hidden in my coat pocket and the way it feels when I turn it over in my hand whilst walking the dog.  The dash of cinnamon and hint of cardamom in my warming chai latte.  The glow of the pumpkin spice candle as it flickers gently on a Sunday afternoon – lights down, enjoying the dusk as it closes in.  The scent of woodsmoke in the air, the comfort of a soft, woollen blanket draped over my knees on the sofa, the new book perched on my bedside cabinet, ready for a rainy afternoon.

Autumn details

As I mentioned in my last post, Autumn for me is so often about gratitude, slowing down and noticing the small things.  It’s not necessarily an ‘indulgent’ season but I think there’s something that can be said for enjoying the simple things and indulging in self-care and rituals to honour the slower season.  I think it’s the perfect time to treat yourself to something you can enjoy throughout Autumn – a new cashmere jumper, a candle or diffuser with a seasonal fragrance (I’m currently coveting the Wild Planet diffusers and candles, how lovely does Warm Hug sound?) or even a book from your wishlist to take you through those darker evenings (I’m racing through The Book Of Dust Volume Two at the moment, it’s wonderful).

One of the items I’m currently cherishing is my Carrie Elizabeth Night Sky pendant (£130*) which you can spot in the photo above.  Their jewellery is handmande in Jaipur in India and feature diamonds or semi-precious stones – I adore the polished sandstone in this pendant; the flecks of gold make it sparkle just like the night sky.  It feels really special and quite unique to wear, and the way it catches the light is stunning.  It reminds me of firework night – a date I’m very much counting down to as I have so many fond memories of bonfire nights and fireworks shows as a child (hugging styrofoam cups of hot chocolate and mouthing the obligatory ‘ooooohhhhhh’).

Carrie Elizabeth pendant

I can’t deny that although I’ve been lucky enough to add this beautiful piece to my jewellery collection, I rather have my eye on their moonstone rings.  With its luminous surface, moonstone is (obviously) linked to the energy of the moon and it has healing and calming properties.  Moonstone also embodies feminine energy, and can help us tune into our intuition and wisdom.  Our next full moon is this coming weekend (October 13th), the Hunters Moon.  It’s the perfect time for a full-moon ritual, meditation and to cleanse and charge your crystals.

What are your favourite details and small moments in Autumn?

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