Watching, reading and listening (April 2019)

I’ve had a bit more spare time on my hands than usual so I thought I’d share some of the things I’ve been eagerly consuming over the last few weeks – as usual it is mostly podcasts and Netflix; podcasts for commuting and Netflix because well, I’m still living at my parents’ house until next month and my evenings aren’t very exciting!

Listening to the Cold podcast

The podcast I’ve listened to most this month – mainly because I listened to all 18 episodes in about a week – is Cold.  Cold focusses on the case of Susan Powell – a missing woman (presumed murdered) from Utah.  The story is so professionally and sensitively told; I’ve not heard another re-telling of a crime that’s so comprehensive and well produced (several of my friends agree it’s better than Serial).  I will say, at times it can be a bit of a tough listen so I tried to intersperse it with more light-hearted podcasts when listening.

Watching the Met Gala

I’ll definitely be following the Met Gala 2019 next month – I always love following the event (and of course picking my personal ‘best dressed’).  Last year’s theme was ‘Sunday Best’ – generating a lot of ‘religion based creativity’ and some rather breathtaking ensembles – some of my favourites being Rihanna (of course), Zendaya and Jennifer Lopez.

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The Met Gala will take place on May 6th – it’s not televised but you can follow along via social media (I usually follow via E! News or the Vogue Facebook page.

Watching Schitt’s Creek on Netflix

Much like the Cold podcast, I started Schitt’s Creek this month and all of a sudden had watched all of the four seasons that are currently on Netflix.  To say I’m obsessed with the programme and all of the characters (particular Daniel, played by Daniel Levy) would be an understatement.  Schitt’s Creek features the Rose family, who go from being disgustingly rich to living in a motel in a town they once bought as a joke based on the name.  It now has a real cult following and I’m hoping that Season Five will be coming to Netflix next month, I can’t wait any longer!

Reading ‘How To Fail’ by Elizabeth Day

I love Elizabeth Day’s podcast of the same name, so when I saw that she had published a book on the same concept I knew I had to pick it up! Elizabeth shares her own personal stories of ‘failure’ and what she learned as a result in this book, which is part-memoir and part-manifesto on life, and embracing when it doesn’t go to plan.

“If I have learned one thing from this shockingly beautiful venture called life, it is this: failure has taught me lessons I would never otherwise have understood. I have evolved more as a result of things going wrong than when everything seemed to be going right. Out of crisis has come clarity, and sometimes even catharsis.”

Reading (and listening to) The Cut

I adore everything Heather Havrilesky writes, but I particularly enjoyed her response in her Ask Polly column to this question about time moving too fast (I can relate).  I’ve also really got into The Cut podcast – this episode featuring Nora McInerny is equal parts sad, inspiring and challenging.  Her book, No Happy Endings, is now firmly on my t0-read list (she has lived quite a life).

Reading Conversations On Love

If you don’t already subscribe to Conversations on Love, the newsletter by Natasha Lunn (Featured Editor at Red magazine), then your inbox is really missing out.  Her recent interview with Philippa Perry was one of my favourites.

More podcasts

I’ve also been loving the Trace Evidence podcast (true crime), the Mile Higher podcast (conspiracy theories), the Project Love podcast (love, self-love, relationships), and the Superficial Magic podcast (wellness and spirituality).

More Netflix

I’ve also enjoyed The Legend of Cocaine Island, The Dirt (Motley Crue documentary) and Social Animals.

What have you been watching, reading or listening to this month?


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