Freshpet review: Bodhi’s new dinnertime

When I look through my gratitude or daily journals it always strikes me how often I mention Bodhi – or activities involving Bodhi – as bringing me joy or being the best moments of my day.  Going for long dog walks with him along the seafront or simply just having an extra five minutes in bed in the morning where he’s folded himself under my arm and acting as a furry hot water bottle are so special to me.  I think most dog owners can relate to that – it’s almost impossible to describe just how touching that feeling is when you get home from work and you have a ball of fluff waiting by the front door in a state of complete and utter elation that you’ve arrived home.

For that reason, I try and give back as much as I can to Bodhi – making sure he gets lots of attention, goes for two long walks a day and gets lots of treats and nutritious food.  I’ve been trying to find an alternative to the food he usually gets for a while – I usually give him a plain dry food but I can’t say he’s ever wildly excited for dinner time, and I noticed recently when reading the packaging that his the previous brand I bought used mostly cereal based products with very low meat or vegetable content.

FreshPet Select Dog Food Roll Review

I was looking around for a healthy pet food brand, when I came across Freshpet.  After trying it out with my pups, I’m excited to share a full Freshpet review with you! Freshpet uses farm-raised chicken or beef, and whole, natural ingredients that are steam cooked rather than over-processed.  Bodhi has been trying the beef and vegetable select roll, which includes 35% beef and 32% chicken along with lots of veggies.  I’m embarrassed to say that Bodhi’s previous food was 5% chicken (it’s shameful, I know).  Freshpet also has grain free dog food options. It really only seems fair that now I’m trying to buy better quality food with natural ingredients that Bodhi has the same.  It doesn’t really make sense for me to be buying organic meat and increasing the amount of fresh vegetables that I eat whilst at the same time serving something up to Bodhi that’s really processed and cheaply produced.

Both Bodhi and Henry have been enjoying Freshpet dinners for the last week or so and I can’t describe how much it’s transformed their mealtimes.  My parents usually give Henry chicken thighs or sausages but Bodhi usually had his dry food – now though, I can barely get their bowls on the ground before they’re jumping all over me.  I can really see just how much Bodhi enjoys the food he’s eating and it makes me so happy to know he’s getting such yummy, nutritious food.  I previously gave Bodhi dry food on the advice of the vet so that he could stay in a certain weight bracket, but I’m monitoring his weight closely and I just can’t see how eating fresh ingredients could have a negative impact.  The reviews I’ve seen online are absolutely glowing too – people have reported huge increases in energy and wellness from their dogs (and it’s great for picky eaters).

Freshpet review

I will definitely be continuing to buy Bodhi Freshpet products from now on.  In fact I suspect I wouldn’t be able to offer him up dry food now he’s been treated to high quality beef and chicken! 

This blog post has been produced in collaboration with Freshpet.  You can find a Freshpet fridge near you by using their Store Locator.  Check out Freshpet product in the fridge section of your local grocery store (my local Tesco supermarket has a great selection).