A little life update

I’ve just noticed that last month I managed a whopping one blog post, which is quite pitiful considering I previously worked four days’ a week with the express intention of spending the entire Friday of every week drafting and planning blog posts.  One of the things I’ve realised however is that I work a lot better under a bit of pressure, and somehow the less time I have to do something, the more I seem to get done.  So I’m seeing the fact that I’ve now gone back full time as a real positive for my productivity (however ridiculous that sounds).

The reason I’ve gone back to full time work is that yesterday I actually switched jobs, taking a six month secondment into a project management role (and completely out of my comfort zone!) I’m not sure how much I’ve spoken about my job or my career on here (or if anyone is particularly interested) but I previously worked in talent and capability; building talent courses, delivering training and trying to help people achieve their potential in our organisation.  I love that job and the opportunity to get geeky about things like Growth Mindset and vulnerability and culture change, but I’m now really excited to learn new things and get involved in new challenges.  The project I’m managing is partly a technology project and partly a cultural change project and I’m really enjoying this book by Tarah Wheeler on Women In Tech – there are so many inspiring stories about women who have pushed the boundaries of their careers to innovate and create success.

Victoria Country Park

What else is new? I’m still single, still living on my own in my little flat in Southampton.  I have Bodhi usually for about 3-4 weeks and then he goes back to Tom for the same period.  Although I miss him terribly when I don’t have him, and in many ways my life feels much emptier, I feel really lucky that we’ve been able to come to this arrangement.  It means that Tom and I get to maintain our friendship and stay in touch too, which is something that I know a lot of (imminently) divorced couples don’t manage to achieve.  I would like to meet someone but I know I also need to give myself the headspace to get used to my new life and accept where I am now.  I did recently reconnect with someone from the recent past but unfortunately there was too much emotion, sadness and resistance from others to allow it to work out, so I’m starting March with a clean slate (and a lot of soul-searching to do!)

The universe will provide

I’ve been trying to keep up a spiritual practice but I need to be much more disciplined than I am now.  I’m only managing yoga and meditation every few days at the moment and I keep feeling too tired when I get into bed to fill in my Gratitude Journal.  In terms of exercise and wellness, I suffered a painful knee injury playing football last week which has scuppered my running and swimming plans, but luckily the physio says I can slowly ease myself back into exercise ‘if it doesn’t hurt’.  In this weather I’m finding it very difficult to motivate myself to get out to the gym and my current weight is really getting me down as I’ve put on two stone since August last year.  I’ve given up chocolate, biscuits and sweets for lent and I’m walking Bodhi twice a day and trying to eat lots of vegetables and nutritious food but nothing seems to be shifting it.  I’m off to Fuerteventura in just over two weeks and I would have liked to feel a bit more confident by then but I’ll just have to keep at it when I’m back.

credit unknown – please contact for removal

Other than that – and especially with the recent snow – I’ve spent most evenings at home, burning candles, squeezing Bodhi, drinking camomile TV and trucking through my to-read pile.  I’m going to do another longer blog post on my reading but in the last couple of weeks I’ve read Valley of the Dolls, Little Fires Everywhere, Every Heart A Doorway and Are You Sleeping (currently 99p on Kindle!), and enjoyed them all.  I never really watch live TV but I’ve been loving Designated Survivor and Queer Eye (just a little bit different) on Netflix and The Bold Type on Amazon when I’m not reading.  (Hermit, me?)  When I do leave the house, I’ve been taking Bodhi for long walks by the water and in the park, drinking prosecco and catching up with friends, eating out at Wahaca, getting avocado tattoos and spending half of my life at Southampton Harbour Hotel.

I hope this update hasn’t been too boring – this is probably the type of post I would have written back in 2010! But I wanted to just check in and share a little of what I’ve been up to.  Hope everyone is staying warm and avoiding #snowmageddon.