2017 Gratitude List

Well, well, well.  What a bloody year.  Literally – blood, sweat and tears went into getting through 2017 and I did it (well, nearly – this bout of cold and flu has me literally limping to the finish line).  And though there were times when I had no idea how I would possibly get through it, I feel like things are looking up, and I feel excited for the new chapters that will no doubt present themselves in 2018.  I feel so incredibly lucky at the moment (flu aside) – sat in my little flat in Southampton with the Christmas tree lights twinkling away and Bodhi dog snoozing in his bed, and I wanted to take the time to reflect back on all of the things I’ve been grateful for this year.  In no particular order, just as I thought of them… (and how lucky, to be able to think of 50 things to be grateful for).

  1. Bodhi the dog
  2. My family
  3. My friends
  4. Green tea (though I’m down to two cups a day)
  5. Bubble baths
  6. Podcasts
  7. Netflix
  8. The time spent living at my parents
  9. Walks along the beach
  10. The Danielle La Porte audio – Fight For Your Joy
  11. Tarot cards
  12. Rebecca Campbell – Rise Sister Rise
  13. CBD oil from CBD Brothers
  14. My very lovely GP and a prescription of Citalopram
  15. Milkybar Buttons
  16. My girls’ holiday to Crete
  17. My Audible subscription
  18. Sleep, sleep and sleep
  19. Heath and Heather Yerba Mate and Nettle Tea
  20. My aromatherapy diffuser (I have this one in my kitchen)
  21. Fresh air and walks outside
  22. My Handmade Apothecary book (this has not left my kitchen recently)
  23. Epsom salts and magnesium salts
  24. Lush bath bombs and Lord of Misrule
  25. Wahaca
  26. Yoga classes and stretching on the mat
  27. New tattoos and getting my nose pierced
  28. The ‘Shamanic Pathway Of Light’ weekend training
  29. Wayne Dyer – Real Magic (listened on Audible)
  30. Having an understanding boss and work colleagues
  31. Candles
  32. Plants
  33. Doterra aromatherapy oils and Gemma Sands’ guidance
  34. The Tenth Hole Tearooms in Southsea and all of the cakes I have tried
  35. M&S Veggie Percies
  36. The few runs that I went on (more next year)
  37.  Five Guys on Deliveroo
  38. Duck down pillows
  39. Incense sticks
  40. Crystals (shoutout to rose quartz)
  41. Mindful walking and connecting with Mother Earth
  42. Having a boyfriend in the summer, even if it didn’t work out
  43. Learning about wicca
  44. Two very happy weddings
  45. Getting a matching tattoo with my Mum
  46. Poetry
  47. Writing, writing, writing
  48. Peaky Blinders (special mention: Cillian Murphy)
  49. Joggers and PJs
  50. Blogging and the lovely people I’ve met through blogging

I’ve spent so long writing this list that I’m now no longer sat in the flat and am now sat in front of the fire at my parents’ house (with an extra dog snoozing on the rug!) We’re all sat watching the Judi Dench documentary about trees (bloody love trees, they should have made the list!) and I have eaten my weight in stollen and am now enjoying a glass of Port, very civilised I know!

I feel like you can tell from the list that I’ve invested a lot in self-love this year, in the comfort of warm tea, long baths and early nights.  And that’s been right for me – to turn inward and allow myself time to heal and have time with friends and family and the people I love.  It’s been a slow year with not a lot achieved, but I feel that now I’ve established a good platform and base from which to push myself forward in 2018.  I would love to travel abroad and perhaps even fulfil my dream of living abroad, although I’ll be renting my flat until October, so it will have to wait until then (and of course I have Bodhi to think about).

In the meantime though I’ll be spending the last few days 0f 2017 showing gratitude, squeezing the doggies and trying to fight off this horrid flu virus.  Here’s to a tough but necessary year, and to all of the excitement and new chapters that may lie ahead.