Slow mornings

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a green tea obsessive.  In fact my friend said to me the other that I literally ‘session’ green tea, drinking one after another until lunchtime.  However, at the weekends (and on Fridays now that I work four days a week), I always try and have a slower morning where I really take the time to enjoy and savour my tea, and if it’s lovely weather then to spend some time outside.

I’m really lucky that, where I’m living at my parents’ house at the moment, they have an absolutely stunning garden which is the perfect place to relax with a steaming green tea and my journal.  I was recently sent a gorgeous little hamper of goodies from eteaket, who make the most beautiful teas, tea kits, candles and gifts, and I’ve been taking time to really savour my Blooming Marvellous Sencha Green Tea.  Watching the steam curl up towards the blue morning skies, hearing seagulls calling overhead and scribbling my thoughts in my journal is such a peaceful way to start the day.

I think that so often we rush around (particularly in the mornings, when there’s always a hundred things to do before we leave the house) and it feels impossible to snatch even a few moments of calm.  I’m trying really hard recently to set my alarm just ten minutes earlier to make sure I have time to complete my Morning Pages exercise and enjoy my tea rather than what usually happens, which is that I put it on the side of my bed and usually knock it on the floor when I’m trying to do my makeup!

On my Fridays off, or at the weekends, I love to have a bit of a morning ritual and find a bit of peace. This usually involves lighting a candle (the eteaket Blooming Marvellous vanilla, rose and raspberry candle), popping on my diffuser with a DoTerra Peace essential oil blend (feel free to message me if you have any essential oil questions as I’m really getting into them now!) and either read my book for ten minutes or write in my journal.  I always try and ensure I ‘stay present’ – listening to the sounds of the birds, watching the flowers sway in the wind, feeling grass under my feet, savouring my tea and most importantly, taking time to breathe.  The morning is the perfect time to take lots of big, deep breaths – another thing I forget to do as the day goes on!

I do really adore loose leaf tea, and the Blooming Marvellous Loose Leaf Tea is totally delicious – with rose buds, tangy fruit and gorgeous bright mallow.  It’s so flavourful (which I know is something that sometimes puts people off herbal or green tea) and has so many different tastes and aspects to it.  I find that there’s something about straining loose leaf too that’s somehow ritualistic too – especially when you brew a pot of it and enjoy every cup.

Are you a fan of a slow morning or is the evening the moment when you choose to slow down? What’s your best tip for finding a bit of peace during a busy day?