Malin + Goetz – amazing natural skincare

One of the things I’m hugely interested in at the moment is essential oils and botanicals, and how they can be used for healing, skincare and self-care.  I’ve been gradually weeding out any of my skincare and beauty products that aren’t made from predominantly natural ingredients and have harsh chemicals or a list of things inside the jar that I don’t recognise or can’t pronounce.

I first became aware of Malin + Goetz as a brand when I spotted their simple and stylish packaging in Space NK.  When I found out that they are inspired by traditional apothecaries and use mainly natural ingredients I was really eager to try some of their amazing sounding products, and so I felt extremely lucky when some arrived on my doorstep around a month ago.  I decided to give them a thorough try before I blogged about them, but they’ve quickly become one of my new favourite brands.

malin and goetz jojoba face scrub, £29* | recovery treatment oil £62* | repleneshing face serum £56*

The Recovery Treatment Oil is the product of theirs that I’ve had my eye on for some time.  It has nine natural oils like evening primrose oil, jojoba and argan oils which are incredibly moisturising and soothing.  As soon as you start smoothing it on to your face it smells and feels absolutely beautiful and instantly makes your skin feel softer.  The other ingredients like rosehip oil and grapeseed oil help restore your complexion and protect against free radical damage.  I use this morning and night before my moisturiser and I’ve definitely noticed a huge difference in my skin.  It feels more supple and moisturised and I really notice the effects if I use it before bedtime.

I recently bought the Hangsun Sonic Cleaning Facial Brush which I use every day to cleanse my face and remove my make up (probably the best £29.99 I’ve ever spent).  For this reason I’ve been desperate to find the perfect facial scrub to use a few times a week with my brush to exfoliate my face.  Their Jojoba Facial Scrub is a great combination of the beads to help remove dead skin and then the jojoba meal which is again, really soothing.  (It also smells lovely which is a winner in my book).

The final product and one I absolutely adore (I’m never buying another serum again) is their Replenishing Face Serum.  I took this away on holiday knowing that my skin would be subject to hot sun and swimming pools and I wanted to make sure my skin stayed in good condition.  It contains Sodium Hyaluronate which is intensely hydrating and moisturising (perfect for sun-burned holiday skin!) and chamomile, lavender and geranium which are really soothing.  It’s amazingly moisturising on its own, but followed by a moisturiser gives a double-hit of hydration.

I’m definitely going to pick up a few more of their products online as I really like them as a brand and – of course – it helps that their products are incredible.  Have you tried any of their products?