Getting woo woo – my journey into spirituality

I posted on Twitter recently (and I wasn’t joking) that I was after a girl gang I could infiltrate where I could talk about tarot, crystals, burning sage, aromatherapy, yoga, Law of Attraction and all things a little bit woo woo (which I’m reclaiming as a term meaning awesome).  I wanted to post today to share my experiences of all of these areas and how I’m embracing and learning more about each of them.

Over the last few months I’ve been on a real journey of self and spiritual exploration, reading as many books as I can get my hands on about things I’m interested in, buying a rather ridiculous amount of aromatherapy oils and steaming them away in my diffuser, and researching yoga training, shamanic healing weekends and ayahuasca healing retreats in Peru (okay – maybe I won’t do the last one).  The deeper I get into this world, the more it gets my juices flowing.  I’ve always been interested in spirituality and self-development and I’ve often banged on about books like Spirit Junkie and The Desire Map; I’m a long-time devotee of yoga and meditation and I bought my tarot cards about a year ago with the intention of learning more.  But now I just want to get even deeper.

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It’s only in the last few months that I’ve really, authentically opened myself up to any and all spiritual opportunities – dismissing nothing and leaving judgement at the door.  Whereas I previously handpicked the things I was interested in – staying away from anything a bit too ‘out there’, now I’m embracing anything that comes my way.  And to be honest – meeting anything that ‘comes my way’ with open arms is also something I have been learning an enormous amount about and am totally on board with.  I read The Secret on a trip away some months ago and it really resonated with me.  The Secret describes the ‘law of attraction’ – which is essentially that your thoughts manifest your reality, and that  the energy you are manifesting is what you attract.  If you are interested in Law Of Attraction I massively recommend Jess Lively’s podcast series on it – she is really living the journey by ‘flowing’ from one place to the next, travelling the world and listening to messages from the universe (which is totally inspiring to me).

I also recently read ‘Material Girl, Mystical World‘ by Ruby Warrington, and it’s no stretch to say that it changed my life.  It documents her journey from Sunday Times Style Features Editor into total spiritual guru – founder of The Numinous and speaker on the ‘now age’ and the cosmic revolution.  It’s an amazing introduction into tarot, astrology, birth charts, shamanism, crystals and rituals, and it came along at exactly the right time for me.  What it has taught me is that there are so many opportunities out there to tap into your intuition and harness the power of the universe (too much?)  It made me excited to pursue my own spiritual journey and dip my toe in areas that I have yet to explore.  For this reason I’m hoping to book onto a beginner’s shamanic healing weekend in July (though I’m mega scared to go on my own!) and to be open to what this could offer me on my journey.

There are things I previously knew nothing about and now am enthusiastically soaking up everything I can via podcasts, books and audiobooks (I’ve spent a small fortune in The Works – it’s so good for books on health and wellness!) I love the idea of using crystals for healing and rebalancing – it seems I need to rebalance pretty much all of my chakras (crown, throat, brow, heart, solar plexus and base) – so I’ve bought some rose quartz crystals – I even took them on holiday!

Acupuncture is also majorly helping me – my friend is an expert in acupuncture and Chinese medicine and via acupuncture, cupping (and lying in her hot tub talking about all things spiritual) she has been helping me move around my qi (flow energy) and release any stagnancy I have.  I am a water archetype in the Chinese five elements – this means I am generally a fearful person, and acupuncture has been helping me with stress and anxiety, as well as releasing energy.  I really find it gives me more emotional balance, especially since the developments this year in my personal life.

I of course also went to a tarot reading a few weeks ago and found it totally illuminating (you can read more about the reading itself in that post).  I’ve been learning more about tarot myself and doing ‘one card pulls’ – the app Labyrinthos is also amazing for learning about tarot.

I’m also majorly into natural remedies – learning more about essential oils and herbs.  I’ve made my own pillow spray from essential oils and been reading The Handmade Apothecary (the most beautiful book, and a total bargain) in my efforts to learn about the traditional use of herbs and how to make your own balms and tinctures (watch this space!)

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Finally – whilst I’m on the subject of books, I also adore The Inner Beauty Bible; another stunning book that is as illuminating as it is perfect for the coffee table! Through this book I’ve been learning about rituals, crystals, essential oils – and I love the idea of creating my own sacred space (roll on getting my own place so I can fill it with all my ‘now age’ hippy bits and bobs!

Of course I am still in love with yoga – I want to expand my knowledge and understand of yoga and attend more kundalini and yin yoga as well as understanding more about the yoga sutras.  I would love to one day train as a yoga teacher but I want to start small first and deepen my practice before committing to something like that.

Wow – that really seems like a lot when I write it all down like that! I hope you can tell how passionate and excited I am to continue this journey and learn and expand more.  I would also love to share more of this with you but I know it is a little different from what I would usually post about, and for some it is a little too ‘out there’.  Please do tell me if there is anything in particular I could blog about or anything you too are interested in <3