Reading, listening to, watching

As I’ve been off work recently I’ve been digesting media even more enthusiastically than usual and thought I would share my picks of what I’ve been reading, listening to and watching.  There’s so many great podcasts, TV series’, blogs and films at the moment that it makes me feel overwhelmed sometimes thinking of how many things are on my list (so I’m going to make you feel overwhelmed by telling you what you should add to yours!) Happy to help…

Clique is a BBC Three TV series about two girls that start university and find themselves instantly drawn into a circle of friends who have a glamorous lifestyle with a dark secret hidden underneath.  It’s so gripping and I’ve binged on it until I’m up to the current episode now, I can’t wait for the next one.

13 Reasons Why is a new Netflix Original series set in a US High School.  A teenage girl commits suicide and then releases cassette tapes to friends explaining why she did it.  I’ve only watched the first two episodes so far but I’m already finding it totally addictive; there’s something about it that somehow makes you feel like you’re back in school and experiencing all the emotions of being a teenager again.  I can sense this is another series I’m going to race through.

img credit: career girl daily

The Killing is a series I’ve been meaning to watch for ages but never got around to.  I’m up to Episode 8 now and though I’m finding it a little slow I’m determined to persevere as so many people have raved about it.  Let me know if it’s worth sticking with?

Wild By Nature is a book by Sarah Marquis detailing her walks across Asia and Australia.  She walked 10,000 miles over three years and it’s spellbinding, life-affirming account of what it’s like to e a woman alone in the wild, to experience nature and to have long periods away from civilisation.  I can’t describe to you how much this book has inspired me; it’s just incredible.

Status Anxiety by Alain De Botton – this isn’t really for this list as it’s actually sat on my bedside table waiting to be read as soon as I finish my current book, however I can’t wait to pick it up! It focusses on our anxieties around achieving status and fear of failure.  I’ve enjoyed several of his other books so I’m really looking forward to this one.

The High Low I’m a little bit obsessed with Pandora Sykes and Dolly Alderton (basically I want to be cool enough to hang out with them, drink prosecco and talk about books) so I’m very glad that they are back with another podcast (after retiring their PanDolly podcast) and it’s every bit as good as their last one.  Discussing current affairs, style, books and culture with their typical witty, funny, intelligent style, it’s a must-listen.

S-Town is the latest podcast by the makers of Serial and This American Life, and begins with an allegation of a murder in a town in Alabama.  Again, I’m only on the third episode and even though it features predominantly conversations between the person who originally contacted the producer, and the producer himself, it’s strangely addictive.

Missing Richard Simmons is another podcast I binged on recently – I finished the series in only a few days.  It involves the podcast maker (Dan Taberski) and his search for the fitness guru Richard Simmons – who Dan himself got to know through attending his classes and striking up a friendship with before he ‘disappeared’.

So that’s what’s been on my reading pile, Netflix and podcast app.  What have you been binging on recently?