Review: Showcase Cinema de Lux Southampton

Going to the cinema is one of those activities that I always really, really enjoy when I do it, but I often don’t think to do.  This year I definitely want to make more time to see the films that come out that I decide I want to see (rather than seeing a trailer, promising myself I’ll go and see it, and then only realising I didn’t when it comes out on DVD).  One of the things I love about the cinema is the whole experience of going – the warm popcorn, the tray of nachos (okay, okay, I tend to fixate on the food…), the atmosphere and the excitement as the lights go down – it’s just not the same as watching something at home on Netflix.

So when I was invited to take a look at the new Showcase Cinema De Lux in Southampton, I jumped at the chance to tick off one of my aspirations for the year.  My friend and I popped along on a Tuesday night with two tickets to Fifty Shades Darker (I know, I know, but we wanted to switch our brains off for a bit!) and an appetite for a bucked of popcorn.

I was not prepared for just how amazing the new cinema is.  There’s ten screens, with laser projection and incredible sound (the wall to wall screens are just humongous!)

There’s a VIP bar especially for Gallery customers (as well as a Lounge Bar for everyone else) so you can grab a glass of wine on the way into the movie.  It felt very civilised sitting watching a film with a cold glass of wine in hand! Gallery tickets are around £15 but you get to sit in reclining leather chairs and they also bring you a ‘bento box’ which had popcorn, chocolate sauce and marshmallows, sweets and all sorts of other treats in it! The reclining seats are just incredible, I can’t think of much better than lying back in a chair and watching a film in ultimate comfort.

Now I know how amazing this cinema is I’ll definitely be making more trips to see all the films on my list.  Lolling back in a comfy chair with a glass of vino and a tray of nachos is a pretty amazing way to spend an evening and one I intend to do as often as possible…

PS – Fifty Shades Darker was exactly as I expected – total trash, completely ridiculous and a good way to give your brain a rest for a couple of hours!

Have you been to the cinema recently?