Gratitude in lost times

I’m conscious of the fact that in my newsletter and on my blog recently I’ve probably seemed a little negative, and it’s no secret that I’ve felt quite lost and not myself.  At the moment I’m spending a bit of time at my parents’ house to get some rest and headspace and find my way back to being Rosie.

However – whilst it would be easy to write something long and waffle-y about how I feel (and God knows I’ve done enough of that in the past) I thought instead I would make a little list of things I’m grateful for at the moment, and things that are making the days easier.

001. Friends who check in regularly to see how you are
002. Ever so slightly, just a tiny bit lighter evenings
003. Beautiful sunrises like the one above I snapped on Friday morning (nature is amazing)
004. New slippers and pajamas
005. Baths before bedtime
006. Binge listening to podcasts on long drives to work
007. Finding quotes on Pinterest that make you feel instantly better
008. Feeling stronger in the gym and being able to lift heavier things
009. Long showers
010. Dog cuddles
011. Comfy jogging bottoms
012. Working from home days
013. Sitting by a cosy fire
014. Tattoo bookings and plans
015. Parents that put their arm around you when you need it
016. The first cup of green tea in the morning
017. Yummy burgers and milkshakes at Byron Burger
018. Friends who understand when you have to rearrange plans just because you’re not up to doing anything but hiding under a duvet
019. My silk pillowcase
020. Having holiday plans (Brno in Czech Republic in March) and weekend away plans

What are you grateful for this week?