Festive mocktail making

Today’s blog post was planned to be about some winter cocktails you could make if you’re planning on having any guests over during the Christmas period.  But after spending my Friday night out at my Christmas party, drinking somewhat too many jägerbombs and feeling slightly sensitive yesterday, I thought I’d switch it up a bit and instead share some ‘mocktails’.  These mocktails still look fab served to friends but have the advantage of not meaning that Christmas morning is ruined with a sore head! (Of course, if you’re feeling devilish you could still add something alcoholic – I’ve added my recommendations next to the recipes).

I’m trying not to get too sucked into mid-week drinking or going completely crazy with food and drink in December, so to make things a bit more interesting I’ve been drinking these Feel Good drinks, which are either still and blended with water or a bit bubbly.  They’re also really good to keep in the cupboard for friends who don’t drink.  I’ve been adding fruit or other drinks to them to make evenings drinks a bit more interesting, or serve to friends when they visit.  (They’re also 100% natural so you don’t have to worry about added sugar or any other nasties).

I love making warm drinks during the winter – it’s so fun to whip something up when friends pop over and come in from the cold.  The ‘hand warmer’ is the perfect mocktail to hand to friends as they’re taking off their gloves! If you want to make it even more ‘warming’ you could add spiced rum or amaretto.

It’s really easy to make non-alcoholic mojitos as they’re so tasty anyway – the cranberry and lime Feel Good drinks are perfect to adding with mint, lime and crushed ice for a really refreshing drink.  To make it a little more devilish you can of course also add brown sugar and white rum.

What are your favourite winter cocktails or mocktails?

*Post is a collaboration with Feel Good Drinks