The story of the huge bathroom picture

One of the things my friends often say to me is ‘with you, there’s always a story’. It’s true that I do somehow find myself getting into dramatic little pickles that, whilst frustrating at the time, do make for vaguely amusing dinner chatter. I also have quite the habit of involving as many people as possible in these dramas, ensuring that not only does everyone have to hear the whole story of how I got lost somewhere, or misplaced an important item, but I also have to drag everyone into helping me get out of it.

One of these such dramas led to me in our office car park a few weeks ago, on my knees on the pavement, with bubblewrap wafting around in the wind, trying to press a humongous piece of glass into a picture frame whilst not damaging the print of a picturesque beach scene. It’s fair to say that when I chose the picture that now graces my bathroom wall from Junique, I did not realise quite how large it was, and consequently did not consider a) where to get it delivered to, b) how to get it home from work should that be chosen as the solution, c) how to get it up the stairs and d) how to get it onto the bathroom wall. Some facts that I now know that I didn’t before are that a picture sized 1 metre x 1.5 metres will not fit in the boot of a Volvo C30, or indeed a large Subaru Legacy Estate, even if you take it apart into all of its component parts on your lunch break at work. Another thing I now know is that a picture sized 1 metre x 1.5 metres will not fit up the stairs in our house unless you take at least one door off its hinges. I also now know that a picture that heavy cannot be held on the wall by just two picture nails. (Never let it be said that this blog is not educational).

Art print and frame: Junique, from £45* (unframed)

Onto the topic in hand though, I need to tell you just how amazing Junique is – I implore you to look on their website if you like absolutely beautiful art/homewares/accessories and THINGS. It’s one of those websites where you immediately generate a lengthy wishlist of things you want, particularly if you like stylish interiors (it’s basically all of my home-related Pinterest boards in one place, for sale). Despite all the drama, I am totally in love with the picture in our bathroom, and I’m glad I chose such a statement piece as it just brings together everything in the room. Anyone who visits always comments on it, and asks where it’s from.

We also have a big blank wall in our lounge above the sofa and I’ll definitely be picking something up from Junique to go in that space (I’ve already got my eye on several prints). That will mean the lounge is finished – I can’t wait to share it with you, it’s definitely my favourite room in the house now! Have you got any new home plans? (PS – just LOOK at Junique’s instagram, I swear that website is TOO MUCH).

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