Casual Sunday and new Nikes

Just a casual little outfit post today for a rather Autumnal Sunday.  I’ve had the lovely Katy and Sarah staying this weekend and except for instagramming our desserts at Sprinkles in Southampton yesterday I didn’t take any other photos (which is clearly how you now you’re ‘real-life’ friends, not just blogger friends).

I did want to quickly share a few snaps from a little stroll this afternoon however, mainly as I wanted to show off my rather beautiful new Nike trainers (which, whilst all-white are still definitely totally appropriate for a walk around the neighbourhood).  Though perhaps not a walk in the forest.  It was actually quite mild today so I could get away with a scarf and my much-loved and pinned (as in, a lapel of enamel pins, not that it’s big on Pinterest) leather jacket.  The scarf is a recent purchase from Zara (I think it might actually be from their kids’ section) due to a rather chilly lunchbreak when my neck was so cold I had to go and impulse-purchase some winter accessories.



jacket: great plains, £66* {outfit post} // scarf: zara, £12.99 
shirt: uniqlo {sold out} // shoes: nike, from asos via octer £80*

The trainers are from Octer which is actually a really genius app and website.  Basically it aggregates hundreds of different shops and thousands of different brands so you can search for items all on one website.  This is massively helpful if you know what you’re searching for but not where to buy it – for example, I know I want an off the shoulder dress for my work Christmas do but I haven’t found the perfect one; so you can just search for that style and scroll through lots of different items. SO much easier than having about a hundred different tabs open and slogging through loads of websites.

That last photo quite nicely shows off my new hair colour too (total accident, promise) – on Friday I finally went to the hairdresser’s to get my roots done and got loads more highlights put through.  I’ve always missed having really light, ashy blonde hair ever since I dyed it back to my natural colour last year so I’m excited that it’s getting back to being really light again.  The salon I go to uses Olaplex which is a total miracle worker, I can’t believe how shiny and soft my hair is after getting it coloured, it feels in such good condition!

Hope you’re all having lovely Sundays whatever you’re doing (and hopefully whatever you’re doing involves slippers, a good book and lots of cosiness – that’s certainly what lies ahead for my evening…)