Sunday Reads and Favourite Things

I can’t believe it’s Sunday evening already – hope you’re all having fab weekends whatever you’re doing.  I’ve spent most of today with a hot water bottle strapped to my stomach, a stack of magazines and a constantly supply of Paramol due to ‘shark week’ which is not an ideal Sunday, but it was nice to have some lazy time at least.  Here’s a round-up of what else I’ve been reading and enjoying this week:

001. ‘Why self-help guru James Altucher only owns 15 things‘ – I really enjoyed this article and have added his book to my ‘to read’ list.  I’d like to establish my own daily practice – he has some great advice in there which encapsulate his four tenets of happiness, which are the physical (eat well, try to go to sleep by 9 p.m. and rise by 5 a.m., break a sweat for at least 10 minutes a day), emotional (be around people you love, who love you), mental (write a list of 10 ideas each day to exercise the “idea muscle” before it atrophies) and spiritual (feel gratitude every day).  This is great for a little dose of inspiration.

002. I’ve made these Raw Vegan Donut Holes twice now and they are so yummy and perfect for a post-work snack.  They really do taste like cake! (I promise).

003. I always love Kristabel’s blog but her post on mistakes she made when she started blogging full time was super interesting – there are some real lessons about marketing yourself and working with Agencies.  It’s not my plan to blog full-time but there’s some great lessons in there for all bloggers who want to maximise their blogging impact.

004. Another blog I’m totally obsessed with is One Pleasant Day by Carrie (not to mention her totally stunning instagram account).  I’ve bookmarked her cinnamon butterfly cakes as a must-make this Autumn.  (Isn’t her photography to die for?)

img credit:

005. I’ve been doing lots of pinning of pretty pictures on my Autumn Pinterest board and on my tumblr.  The Grace Upon Grace tumblr is just like diving into a perfect Autumnal scene, I could lose days just scrolling through all of the loveliness!

img credit: ajoyfuljourney

006. I’ve been thinking a lot about ‘mantras’ recently and how I can stop some of the negative self-talk in my head by repeating some more positive statements to myself.  I also listened to McKel Hill (of Nutrition Stripped) on the One Part Podcast and she spoke about using mantras whilst running or at the gym and I thought that was a great idea – I really enjoyed this article on Sonima with some suggested mantras to use depending on whether you need confidence, gratitude, love or happiness.

007. I love Carly Rowena’s YouTube channel and tonight’s video on meal prepping your breakfasts is so helpful – I’m definitely trying all three but that Superfuel Granola in particular looks so yummy!

008. The instagram eyebrow, and beauty in the age of social media. “As we spend more and more time online, the person you appear to be on Instagram or Facebook could soon be more relevant to you, and more real to other people, than whomever you are offline—if indeed you are ever really offline.”

009. I got a lovely little package from Penguin Random House this week – some cosy socks, a face mask, peppermint tea and a book about Hygge! Hygge – The Danish Art Of Happiness is a beautiful book with lots of tips and ideas for how to bring hygge into your life.  Marie says that hygge is ‘a Danish word for finding happiness in the little things in life… and finding magic in the ordinary’.  Sounds pretty perfect, right? 

010. Really enjoyed this article on Seasons in Colour on ‘the best flat-lay tips ever‘ – so many awesome tips and major instagram inspiration! I’m really trying to improve my instagram and flat-lays is something I’ve never managed to make look good so I’m definitely going to use all of these tips (starting with the marble contact paper, much cheaper than a marble coffee table!)

What have you been reading and enjoying this week?