A jewellery wishlist

It’s payday today, and true to almost every month, I have a long list of things I’ve been lusting for over the last couple of weeks that are now likely to hop into the shopping baskets of various websites.  One such website is TJC, which is a TV Shopping Network you might have spotted when scrolling through your TV channels.  You can also shop online via their site as well as buy from their channel, and I’ve been really impressed with the range on there (not to mention the prices).  Up until tonight they also have 50% off, which makes some of these items an absolute steal…  (You can tell from my wishlist I’m still totally obsessed with rose gold…) I’m particularly in love with that arrow bracelet – I think it’s so pretty and dainty.  And that first ring is rather lovely, but might have to save up a little more first…

1. 9k gold rose gold pink diamond ring, £799.99
2. 14k gold coral reef bracelet, £24.99 {out of stock – similar item}
3. Strada rose gold bangle watch, £9.99
4. Rose gold bangle, £99.99
5. Button drop earrings, £19.99
6. Arrow bracelet, £37.99
7. Strada rose gold watch, £9.99

I never used to wear much jewellery but as I get older I’m much more into adding classic pieces and pretty additions into my ‘wardrobe’ – I love stacking bracelets and wearing lots of rings, I think it really adds to an outfit.

Do you have your eye on any jewellery at the moment?

* this is a collaborative post with the jewellery channel