My Autumn Resolutions

I always find that a change in the seasons prompts me to reflect on the last few months and think about any changes, new routines or habits that I want to kick-start.  This happens particularly when Autumn rolls around, as it makes me think about making the home cosy and maximising all of the time spent indoors whilst it’s raining!

R e a d i n g

I really want to spend more time reading, and ticking off some of the books in my to-read pile over the next few months.  I’ve been spending far too much time lying in bed on my phone when I could be reading a couple of chapters of a book (something that would enrich my life far more than scrolling through Twitter or Facebook).  I downloaded lots of books onto my Kindle before my holiday but for some reason I’m really itching to find the perfect paperback to lie awake at night thumbing through and throw in my bag to read on my lunch break.  I definitely go through phases where I prefer my Kindle and where I find myself reaching for the comfort of a real book! I’m really into crime novels at the moment – I’m just about to start Like This, For Ever, which my Dad read on holiday and said was a total page-turner.

S k i n c a r e

When I went away to France, because we were in the van and usually spent the evenings just relaxing and watching films on the laptop I found myself getting into the groove of a really good skincare routine.  There’s something about not having to worry about my morning alarm that makes me take much more time to pamper myself! I found myself spending lots of time on using my favourite exfoliators, cleansers, toners and masks and I really saw a huge difference in my skin.  My skin gets so much drier and more sensitive in the chillier months so I want to take more time to give myself a bit of a pre-bedtime pamper and try and keep my skin feeling soothed even as the temperature starts to drop.  I’ve been reading on the Nuriss blog about their tips for tired skin and I’ve been wondering about adding one of their Fibroblast Facials to my to-do list in Autumn or Winter to help pep up my skin! I love to go for treatments or spa days to treat myself when I feel like I need a bit of self-care, and that sounds like it could be the perfect option.

W a r d r o b e

I really love packing away my shorts and vests at the end of summer and bringing out all of my cosy jumpers and coats.  I’m always on the lookout for some new autumnal items however – I feel that this A/W is going to consist of lots of chunky cardigans, ankle boots, midi skirts and thick jumpers.  Here’s a few things I have my eye on…

F i t n e s s

Strangely, Autumn and Winter are actually the times when I tend to step up my fitness efforts rather than feeling like I want to hibernate (well, I do that too).  I love going running in the mornings when it’s still dark outside and the air feels really crisp and chilly.  I have barely been running at all this year so I really want to pick that back up again, as well as playing more football, as I do really enjoy that (and I’m trying to push myself to try different sports to keep fitness fun!).  I’m still getting a lot out of going to the gym and seeing my personal trainer and I really want to keep that up to keep seeing results.

H o m e

It goes without saying that Autumn is a time when most people want to fill their homes with candles, fairy lights and comfy cushions to make the house feel ultra cosy for those lazy Autumnal Sundays.  I’m still head over heels for our new home and even though it’s much smaller than our old house (the lounge is so small it was called a ‘snug’ in the details from the estate agent) I know it’s going to be so perfect during Autumn and Winter – as soon as it starts to get chillier we’ll be lighting the wood burning stove and spending evenings under a blanket watching movies! We have a lot of decluttering to do though before I can treat myself to any new homewares, so I really want to have a good clearout and welcome some pretty new bits and bobs in.  I’m loving anything mid-century or retro looking at the moment, my Pinterest boards are bursting at the seams! (PS La Redoute‘s Homewares section has so many lovely things, and they currently have a 40% off code – most of the below finds are from their site!)

What are you planning on focussing on or changing up for Autumn?

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