What I eat in a day (plus my morning workout)

So I thought today I would write a quick post sharing a typical day’s food intake and a sample workout to show the sort of thing I’m focussing on prior to my holiday.  I want to say a few things before I start this post – first of all, my current goals are to lose fat, build muscle and generally tone up, so my nutrition and calorie intake are based on this, rather than what a typical calorie intake might be if I was just maintaining my weight.  My body fat percentage (up until this week) was over 31% which is just outside the ideal weight for a woman, so fat loss has been my goal for the last few weeks, not only because I want to feel confident in a bikini, but also for health reasons.  These are my goals but they might not be yours – I have a real challenge in that I hold all of my fat around my stomach area and my thighs and I really want to tone up so I feel a little better about being in the pool on my holiday.  I’m not advocating anyone copying my meal plan or trying to match my calories – you have to ‘do you’ and work out what’s best for you.

My Personal Trainer has worked out my macros (for a really helpful video on what macros are, and how to build a meal plan around them, check out Carly Rowena’s latest video) and I enter these into my MyFitnessPal and plan my meals around that.  Although I try and prepare my lunches in advance, and plan my dinners for the week, I also keep an eye on my nutrition throughout the day.  That way if I can see that my protein intake is a little low I can supplement it with some chopped chicken or a protein shake, and so on dependent on what my percentages are looking like.

One final thing – I wanted to share these photos straight away so I’ve taken them on my phone throughout the day – apologies for the poor quality!

So – onto my food diary.  On gym days, I tend to go before work, so in order to get there for 7am I get up at 5.30.  The first thing I need at that point is a cup of green tea to wake me up! I am not a breakfast person and I cannot stomach food until much later in the morning, so I usually only have green tea and then something light later on in the morning.

05.40 – Morning cup of green tea – begu tea, morning buzz.  This green tea is my current favourite – it really helps to wake me up and set me up for the day.

At this point in the morning it’s hard for me to be awake enough to work out, so I tend to have a pre-workout to give me energy and help get me through a session.  Sometimes I go without, but on particularly tired days or if I’m going for a longer run then I’ll take this to stop my energy levels from dipping whilst working out.  (If you want to pick up anything from Protein Works then you can use my referral code RT110872 when you register for a bag of free protein – winner!)

06.30Protein Works, Genesis Pre-Workout (61 calories).  I just mix this in my shaker and drink it in the car on the way to the gym.

07.00 – Whether or not I’m working out with a trainer or on my own I usually get to the gym around 7am to give me enough time to work out for an hour, and then get showered and sorted and into work about 08.30.  Today I did a sort of ‘leg’ workout which consisted of:

Cross-trainer for five minutes

Squats with a bar (12 reps) x 4

Hack squats (10 reps), Goblin squats (12 reps) x 4

Lunges with dumbbells (across gym), kettlebell swings (20 reps) x5

Kettlebell deadlifts (12 reps) x 4

Foam roller on legs to stop them aching later in the day!

This workout took around an hour and I was sweating like crazy at the end of it – definitely a good feeling before going to work!

09.45Nakd bar (137 calories), green tea.  I drank half of my green tea before I remembered to take this photograph! Just before 10am I fancied something small so I ate a Nakd bar before running off into a meeting.

13.00 – Muscle Food Lean Cumberland Sausage, carrots, sweetcorn, peas, broccoli (239 calories)

            Can of Pepsi Max

I was definitely hungry by 13.00 so I heated up my lunch – just an extra serving of what I’d had for dinner the night before.  We buy all of our meat from Muscle Food as it’s ridiculously good value and it’s all organic and from British farms.  I batch buy it and then keep it in the freezer and defrost as I go or cook things in the slow cooker during the day.


13.30 – Aussie Bites ‘muffin’ (135 calories), 2 x medjool dates (133 calories)

I sat in the park with a friend and had one of these Aussie Bites and two medjool dates.  I bought the Aussie Bites from Costco – they are honey, oats, apricot, sunflower seeds and flax seeds with no artificial ingredients.  I keep medjool dates in my drawer for when I fancy something sweet.

17.00 Diet Protein Water, The Protein Works (91 calories)

On the way home I had a quick protein water in my shaker – I have the Watermelon Cooler flavour and it just tastes like squash; it’s a good way to get a bit of extra protein in whilst re-hydrating.

19.00Muscle Food pork medallions, mustard sauce (mustard, chicken stock, soured cream, red onion), sweet potato fries, small amount of baked chunky potato. (412 calories).

Dinner was a bit later than usual – I usually try and have my dinner by 6 or half 6 as if it drags on too late I still feel full by the time I go to bed and I hate that!  The sauce only had a spoonful of soured cream in it so it was relatively low fat but really tasty.  I usually stick just to sweet potato fries but we had a baking potato lying around so we chopped that up too.  The ‘chips’ are just sprayed with Fry Light and baked.

21.00 – The Protein Works Vanilla Micellar Casein Powder with Alpro Almond Coconut Milk (129 calories).

I’m now just about to tuck into a Micellar Casein shake – I get the Vanilla Creme flavour from The Protein Works and have it with unsweetened almond milk or coconut milk.  Casein Protein is useful to have before bed as it’s slow burning and helps with muscle recovery overnight.  It’s a nice one to have at bedtime as it really helps me wind down for the evening.

Total: 1338 calories (just under my usual calorie goal).  

Do you use MyFitnessPal? Is this similar to your daily food intake? (BUT totally each to their own – what works for me might not work for you and so on, I just thought I’d share my day as I like to be nosy about what other people eat!)