Why I love camping – and my favourite campsite

It’s no secret that I absolutely adore camping.  Although camping for us means sleeping in the van rather than in a tent, I still think there’s something incredibly special about waking up, sliding open the door and immediately being greeted with fresh air and (hopefully) beautiful views across a field or coastline.  I just love how much time you spend outdoors when camping – sat in a camping chair sipping on a cold cider, cooking on the stove, stringing your washing to dry from a tree, walking to the shower in the morning in your flip flops, staying up after dark with a mug of hot chocolate and gazing up at the stars.  To me, it is total perfection.

img credit: lascositasdebeacheau.blogspot.co.uk


In a week or so we’ll be off to France in the van (with Bodhi too!) for a mix of camping and Air-BnBing (and a lot of eating cheese and wine).  I can’t wait to load up the van and be out on the open road – it gives me a sense of freedom and relaxation that I’m really yearning for at the moment.  We’re going to Quiberon, Ile De Ré, La Roque Gageac, Biarritz and Tours, amongst a couple of other places.  We spend the longest period in Biarritz and we’re there for Tom’s birthday (I’m sure he’ll be going for a birthday, and every other day surf – I plan to take lots of books!) I’m going to write a separate blog post about planning a road trip across France as this is the second time we’ve done it now and we learned a lot of lessons the first time round so I’m hoping this trip will be just as amazing.


This week I was asked to contribute a short piece on my favourite campsite, for the Decathlon Blog.  I had no hesitation in picking Eweleaze Farm, where we went for my 30th birthday.  You can read why I chose that particular campsite over on their blog (TLDR: piglets, pizza, bakery, Turkish bath house in the woods).  Of course the views of the Dorset coastline make a significant contribution too…


There’s also lots of other awesome campsites mentioned in that post that sound like they’re definitely worth checking out – I’ve already bookmarked the Dune du Pilat campsite mentioned to see if we can cram that in during our trip; being nestled amongst the sand dunes with views across the sea sounds like something worth rearranging the itinerary for!

Are you a fan of camping? What’s your favourite campsite?