Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Impending important day klaxon – it’s Father’s Day on June 19th, have you got anything for the most important man in your life yet? I’m so lucky to have an absolutely amazing Dad who I’m totally reliant on for advice (particularly job advice – my Dad always knows the right thing to say when I’m in a work pickle), DIY help, belly laugh inducing comments (usually at the expense of my Mum) and  excellent emoji usage over WhatsApp.

Usually the week before Father’s Day I’d be planning to go and see my Dad and take him for dinner or for a drink (with a stack of car magazines and a pack of beers in tow) but on this occasion we’ll be away in France over that weekend so I’m having to plan my gift buying in advance.  My Dad is basically impossible to buy for as his main loves in life are helicopters (and I can’t buy him one of those) and cars (and he already has one of those) so I’m usually a bit stumped.

My Dad is actually pretty trendy so I have in the past bought him shoes, clothes or nice accessories and that’s the route I’ve gone down this Father’s Day too (though I can’t share exactly what I’ve bought as I haven’t popped it in the post yet!)

Recently Updated1-2

1. Ralph Lauren, Belt, £49.95 // Ralph Lauren, Boxers, £39.95 // Barbour, Tartan Shirt, £74.95

2. Paul Smith, Cufflinks, £79.95 // Clae, Chambray Shoes, £54.95 // Ralph Lauren, Shirt, £84.95 // Paul Smith, Wash Bag, £94.95 // Jason Markk, Shoe Cleaning Kit, £15.95

I think all of these would make fab gifts for my Dad – particularly the items by Barbour and Paul Smith as they’re both such classic menswear brands that work for men of any age (even 40-somethings like my Dad – ahem).  All of these bits can be found on Infinities Menswear – my favourite thing about this site is that I managed to get birthday presents for my brother and Tom, as well as a Father’s Day gift for my Dad, so I’m chuffed that I’ve got all of those ticked off before we go away on holiday.  I hope that none of them see this blog post before Father’s Day and their birthdays…

Barbour washbag

>> Barbour washbag, Infinities {sold out}
Barbour washbag and Ralph Lauren t-shirt
>> Barbour washbag as above, Ralph Lauren t-shirt, £44.95

Do you find your Dad a hard person to buy for for Father’s Day?

* this is a collaborative post