A Sephora France haul

Sephora France haul

I’m currently in Biarritz in France, and I wish I could say I’m laid on the decking next to the pool where we’re staying but unfortunately it has literally been torrentially raining since the moment we got to France (almost a week ago).  I’ve probably whinged just about enough about the weather on twitter, instagram and snapchat, so I won’t spend too much time on here waxing lyrical about how gutted I am, and how this holiday was supposed to be about al fresco drinking of wine and lolling in the sunshine, and not watching Netflix marathons in the van and watching the rain fall outside…. On the plus side we’ve discovered Peaky Blinders which I’m really enjoying, AND I made Tom detour a few miles off the autoroute towards a , so yesterday I got to pick up a few things which I thought I’d share here in case anyone else loves Sephora as much as I do…

Sephora Haul
Sephora Haul

, $6 // £4.20 |,  €8.50 // £6.70 | sephora professional nail file {not on website} – similar >>
, $20 // £14  | sephora color hit nail polish in ‘dinner for two’ {not on website} €3.90 // £3.10 | sephora nail varnish corrector pen {not on sephora US website}, €7.95 // £6.30
, $17 // £12 |, $14 // £9.90

As you can probably guess from this selection of products, one of the things I decided I might do whilst we’re stuck in the B&B is give myself a bit of a manicure, so I bought a nail file, nail varnish and also two products I’m very intrigued about – a corrector pen for tidying up mistakes (I make A LOT of mistakes when doing my nails, Tom always ends up in hysterics at just how terrible I am) and a quick drying spray to stop me waiting 30 seconds, hoping it’s dry and then smudging it all over the TV remote.  I already use but I’ve found that lately my nail varnish is chipping a lot or peeling off, so I thought I’d try something different – I will report back when I’ve used this as to how effective it is (fingers crossed!)

I also can’t wait to try the contouring stick – I was immediately drawn to this as I’m about as good at contouring as I am at painting my nails, so I’m hoping this will make it easy; it gets really good reviews on the Sephora website and there’s a few YouTube tutorials on how to use it, so hopefully I can master it as I really envy people who can contour like a boss.

You can order from the Sephora US site and which I can see myself doing when I get home as there’s a few things I have my eye on that they didn’t have in the Sephora here (). No doubt I’ll also be going to some French pharmacies whilst we’re here so let me know if there’s anything you recommend I grab – I already need to get more and but I’m sure I’ll find a reason to treat myself to a few more bits!

Have you shopped at Sephora recently?