Our new home

My life is currently mostly in cardboard boxes, we have no internet or phone line, my diet has mainly consisted of take-aways and ready meals and I have been chastised multiple times for owning (and thus having to pack, unpack, and find homes for) far too many shoes, boxes of herbal tea, handbags and packets of quinoa (what can I say, I like to stock up on my Peruvian grains).  But it has all been worth it because our new house is just the loveliest.

Due to aforementioned lack of internet this will only be a quick post with a few iPhone photos until we get a bit more sorted, but I wanted to share a quick update so you didn’t think I’d dropped off the side of the earth or been crushed by a box full of quinoa.

We are now all moved in, having trotted a little way down the coast from Christchurch to Lymington.  We’d only visited Lymington a handful of times but it’s much closer to my office in Southampton, and there’s a lot better amenities in terms of shops, bars, restaurants (and a gym to help me burn off all the tapas and pizza we’ll inevitable be eating in all those awesome restaurants).

It’s a little two-bedroom cottage (built in 1910) with some pretty original features, lovingly decorated and, most importantly, a roll-top bath…

Here’s our ‘dining room’ – the wood burning stove has already got a lot of use despite it being really too warm for a fire!

This is our main bedroom (the side of the room that isn’t full of boxes)…

And that dreamy roll-top bath (I spent most of yesterday in London counting the hours down before I could hop into a bubble bath in here…)

We’ve gone from a three bedroom house with an office to a two bedroom house that’s a lot smaller, so a lot of our life is still in boxes whilst we sort through what we need and hoof out the rest to charity shops and the dump.  It might seem funny to down-size at this time in our lives but we couldn’t afford much more (Lymington is pricey for houses unfortunately) and we wanted to prioritise a lovely home over space for things we probably don’t really need.

I’ll definitely put a little house tour up as soon as we have internet and are a bit less surrounded by cardboard – can’t wait to show you more of our little home.